A Beginners Guide to Setting Up Your Cheese Platter

It’s party time and your friends are on their way to your wine and cheese party.  But how do you arrange a cheese platter? Arranging a perfect cheese platter is like creating a masterpiece. Let’s find out how.

A cheese plate seems like a simple enough concept when you’re presented with one, but putting one together on your own can feel like solving the riddle of the sphinx, especially if you’re uninitiated to the cheese world. But this intimidating culinary experience really comes down to a few simple guidelines, and your own preferences.

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In our infographic we break down the more common types of cheese, and explain how to pair them. It’s not so much about pairing specific cheeses as it is putting together complimentary characteristics. So have a mix of hard and soft cheese, that range from mild to intense in flavor.

When putting together your actual platter, make sure not to crowd the cheeses. Let them have enough room to breathe on their own. Provide a separate knife for each cheese, and serve 1-2 ounces for each person. Finally, arrange the cheeses in order from the fresh and light ones such as mozzarella, to the more ripe ones such as blue cheese.

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