Three Types of Diet Advantages and Side Effects

The idea of having the perfect body or losing weight quickly has been weighing heavily on almost everyone’s minds. But are there any advantages and side effects to these different diets today? Here is a critical overview that will help you decide whether it will work for you or not.

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When it comes to diets and weight loss regimes the sheer number of alternatives available for people to try is staggering almost to the point of been bewildering. There are numerous diets been promoted as the best way to lose weight and then keep it off, some are free whilst others will cost you money. Anyway here is an evaluation of 3 types of diets, the benefits and the potential downsides of following them.

Type 1 the low fat diet

Among the most common if not exactly popular kind of diet is the low fat regime. Put simply going on this type of diet means that you eat and drink nothing that contains fat.

A short term advantage of this diet is that it allows people to lose weight quickly and the weight loss can be maintained over a longer period of time providing it is stuck to. People may often feel better for reducing their intake of fat as it can reduce the threat of both heart disease and diabetes.

However there can be harmful effects if taking the diet too far, or sticking with it for excessive amounts of time. The human body needs a minimum intake of fat each day to function properly, an amount that varies depending on age, gender, and body size. Young children, pregnant women, and older people should avoid cutting the fat out of their diet. Without fat organs such as kidneys and the liver may stop working effectively.

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