Why You Should Not Exercise More Than You Need To

 Over-exercising can lead to injury, among other things, that will end up putting a stop to an exercise routine.  You may be burning a lot of calories and melting belly fat, but there would be consequences.

Exercise is very good for health as it keeps you fit as well as fresh throughout the day. Exercising also helps in building stamina for the body which means you will have more energy to perform your daily functions easily and properly.

But it has also been observed that people tend to overdo things when it come to exercising which can have serious implications or even injure the body beyond repair.

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Exercise is not a competition where you watch the other person doing vigorous exercise and you want to follow suit. Exercise is more like individual experiences as each person’s requirement, capacity and stamina is different.

Some people have a very level of stamina and energy which makes them keep going till they achieve their tilting point and there are others who get tired very easily.

What are the signs that indicate over-exercising?

It has been observed that there are certain signs which indicate that the body is over-exercised. It has been seen that people who over exercise tend to feel exhausted rather than feeling energetic after exercising. This happens when the body is pushed to the extreme that it cannot grasp the feeling of being energetic anymore as most of the energy is drained out.

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