Why Use Foam Roofing for Your Home

Foam roofing is normally applied to a roofs surface in the form of a spray. It is a fluid mixture that is spread over the face of the roof so that you can offer shielding and filling of holes that are there in your roof structure. This process gives numerous benefits which includes quality insulation and low maintenance. It has natural waterproofing attributes, which when applied to the roof, are passed to the surface. Moreover, this material is generally lightweight and quite durable.

Spray foam roofing systems provide lots of benefits to the homeowners and a few of them are –

Supplies a Tight and Waterproof Seal

The coverage of this type of roofing is seamless, as polyurethane foam comes in liquid form at first, and then sprayed evenly as a single, continuous membrane that guards the entire roof. There won’t be any joints or seams which can widen to result in leaks like in other roofing materials. Polyurethane foam is likewise versatile, it could be installed in virtually any kind of surface; even roofs with protrusions and abnormal shapes can be protected by polyurethane foam.

Superior Insulation Qualities

Foam roof insulation is incredibly efficient in blocking moisture from getting into the home from the outside, and it maintains a barrier blocking heat or cold air from escaping. This keeps the home much cooler in the summer and a lot warmer in the winter. It is stopping cold or heat at the point of entry on your roof which happens to be really important in keeping the energy bill lower.


One huge advantage the foam roofing provides is they make roof sturdier, maximize its toughness and in turn boost the life span. Furthermore eliminates the compression and entrance of strong winds and waste materials. Because they are energy efficient, the spray amplifies the value of the home.

Environmentally Friendly

Spray foam can easily be installed over other roofing. You won’t have to worry about putting any landfill waste of taking off the initial roof. The foam that is utilized is non-toxic and don’t give off any harmful fumes throughout the installation work.

Looks Attractive

Roofs should not only be about protection, it ought to add beauty to your residence. Foam roofs are attractive looking and can match with different home styles and construction. White foam may easily go with any exterior siding or have them tinted in numerous colors like beige, tan or light gray. In addition, it tend not to fade when subjected to UV rays and remain like new for several years after its installation.

With these great advantages and easy installation, there is no wonder why foam roofing has become one of the leading choices among roofing options today. With these great properties there is no question that polyurethane foam roofing is certainly worth getting for almost any structure that will require sufficient protection.

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