Expert Advice: 10 White Garden Ideas from Petersham Nurseries

Even though the idea of an all white garden at first thought may seem a dull concept but it is the simple purity itself. For the beginners, it pays to know the most popular white flowers so you have an idea of what you can start planting in your own garden.

A white garden need not be wan and pale. Thomas Broom, horticultural manager of Petersham Nurseries in London, shows us that in editing color, your garden will have a stronger sense of shape and texture. It might smell more interesting too.

Here are 10 ideas–and his favorite flowers for a white garden:

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Keep It Small

“A white garden should be relatively small,” suggests Tom Broom. “It is a narrow exercise; often enclosed.” The calm of a white garden offers respite, an escape from the rest of the garden, or the world.

Masonry Matters

It is important to think about masonry, the immediate surroundings of the proposed white garden, advises Tom. A dark backdrop works best; yew is also useful here.

Before she designed her white garden, Vita Sackville-West already had made a purple border. Intrigued by the possibilities that a monochromatic garden would offer, she focused on a garden that glowed under the moon and would be filled with evening scent. See: Trend Alert: 5 Night-Scented Bloomers.

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