Why Shower Stall are Preferable to Open Shower

Your shower should be a serene place from where you could wash away the difficulties of the day, and also the dirt. Your morning or evening bath needs to leave you feeling re-energized and clean. One of the best ways to make your shower time stand out is to install shower stalls instead of succumbing to the fad of open showers.”

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Bathroom shower stalls have been common fixtures in our houses nowadays because most really have hectic days to even spend some time on the bathtub. These days, it’s just mostly about turning on the shower and acquiring a quick splash. These stalls are also known as shower enclosures and function as cubicles with a shower mounted on them which are huge enough to even accommodate two persons inside. They do not need a lot space and it will surely fit in any area of your bathroom.

Shower Stalls Protect Your Bathroom from Unnecessary Damage

Shower stalls are perfect for protecting your bathrooms from unwanted damage. Open showers or simple curtains make it possible for water vapor to escape your shower and deposit itself in your walls or ceilings. This may not appear to be a problem, however that long exposure can lead to mildew growth and this is harmful for your lungs and embeds itself in your wood.

Avoid Messy Floors

An open shower allows water to end up all over your floor, which can easily trigger accidents. The water also can seep under your tiles or floor and trigger unwanted damage that’s expensive to fix. This is why you need shower stalls since they prevent water from spilling over the floor.

Get Creative!

Bathroom shower stalls come in all kinds of stylish designs to suit bathrooms of all sizes and themes. If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom, putting in a shower stall might be a good way to give the whole room a sleek and modern new image, whilst at the same time offering a practical function.

Having a stall also allows you to have a steam shower. This suggests you could have a personal spa in your house at next to nothing. The way the stalls are made mean the steam can fill the enclosure, providing you with the rewards that only a sauna can.

These days there are various brands like Lowes, Aqua Glass, Lasco, Home Depot where you can pick one. Nevertheless, whatever brand you choose ensure that is an attractive one and helps you enjoy your bath.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

The materials employed in making shower stalls are generally appealing and sturdy. These materials include acrylic, fiberglass, and tempered glass. Your shower stall will appear great and serve you for several years. In addition, you’re able to add some value to your residence, links in handy when you choose to sell the house.


Now that you are aware of the advantages of having a shower enclosure, hopefully you’re inspired to obtain one and improve the conditions of your bathroom. The shower stalls of the past was once too expensive, but this time they are so mainstream the cost comes down drastically. Selecting the best shower for you and your home, and buying your new enclosure been any easier because of the internet!

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