5 Ways To Teach Your Child To Manage Clutter

“Do your children have trouble keeping their rooms clean? Although kids are great at coming up with excuses for not keeping their rooms clean, one excuse is perfectly valid — they don’t have a system that works for them. “

As a sentimental mom, I like to keep certain things. I have a box of shirts I want to make into a quilt one day. I save silly cards my kids give me, and I treasure those sweet little favorite items they have outgrown. My kids are aware of my sentimental side, and they appeal to it when they want to hold on to things a bit longer. When I ask them to deep clean their rooms, they always make three piles — the trash pile, the donate pile, and the “put it in the memory box, please” pile. I realized this was becoming a problem when my daughter brought me that last pile and it included one cowgirl boot, a music box that no longer worked (or even opened), and a book that only had two pages in it — not because it was well-loved, but because the dog had chewed on it. I didn’t even recall reading her the book. Visions of my child appearing on a future episode of “Hoarders” flashed through my mind. So how do we help our kids get rid of their beloved items without causing a meltdown? And how do we know when they cross the line from collecting to hoarding?…


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