Maintaining Teak Furniture Guide

Teak furniture has a natural color that is silverish gray. You’ll never need to add oil, stain, or paint to your teak furniture. You can choose to oil it if you like the original yellowish brown hue of the teak wood.”
Teak furniture is guaranteed to last a lifetime so long as it’s properly looked after. Teak furniture can be outdoor or indoor furniture, also it can be almost any type of furniture you need. Teak is incredibly tough, even after it fades to the grey color most people are familiar with. Teak could be untreated or treated, stained or unstained, and take just about any form possible. There are several stuff that that can be done that you simply too will continue to love your teak furniture.

Cover it if not used. Probably the most practical solution for preserving your teak furniture, especially your patio teak furniture is to cover them when not being used. This is especially appropriate to teak furniture placed on patio or outdoor areas. Since they are exposed to external environment, they’re more likely to get dirty and discolored.

Dust it regularly. Cleaning it two times a week will help you maintain its natural beauty. Remember that in wiping the dust, you need to make use of a soft cloth to avoid damages.

Properly clean it. Teak is known as a fantastic wood that’s very durable. It is largely used outdoors because it has a natural potential to deal with rot and mould. But like any other furniture, teak ought to be addressed with proper care to sustain its natural beauty and to make it last longer. The right way to clean is to wash it quickly with gentle soap and running water. Here’s a simple trick, utilize a mixture of bleach and vinegar when washing. It will certainly assist you to avoid the growth of mildew and discoloration of your teak. Another thing, you ought to only use a soft plastic brush because a metal brush could cause scratches to the wood. After washing, utilize a clean, soft towel to dry it.

Apply teak oil. Ensure that you use the teak oil prior the furniture actually starting to weather and if it has begun to weather then scrub the furniture with a stiff poly bristled brush and a few soapy water, then rinse the furniture off entirely and enable it to try.

Eliminate stains once you notice. Using fine-grit sandpaper can help you get rid of heavy stains. If it is placed into your patio, bird dropping is usual, you ought to be mindful about the drop because it can cause stains. Once you see stains, remove it immediately.

Although some individuals will allow their teak furniture to stay outdoors all year long, you will find those that suggest it be brought indoors. Nevertheless, should you keep it out, then make sure it does not sit on wet ground and that puddles of water are not able to pool on the furniture.

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