How to Make Oat Milk

“Oat milk is creamy and quite tasty, assuming you enjoy the flavor of oatmeal. Creamy in texture and slightly nutty in taste, oat milk has quickly become a go-to non-dairy milk alternative. Here’s how to make your own oat milk at home for a simple, dairy-free beverage at a fraction of the cost.”

Wood cutting board with ingredients for making homemade Oat Milk

Want to make creamy oat milk at home with just 2 ingredients, 1 blender, and in 5 minutes! Let us show you how!

What is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is simply rolled oats and water blended together then strained to leave the pulp behind. The result is easy, creamy, DIY oat milk!..

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Juicing: What Are the Health Benefits?

“If you need to take pleasure in the benefits of freshness, fullness and flavor of juices, it is recommended to buy a juicer. Not only that you can ensure that the juice you’re drinking is indeed the real thing as you made it yourself, you may benefit as well from the power to shed pounds. When you can discipline yourself in making juices rather than overeating processed junk food, you can actually ensure great results in no time.”

Juicers are a useful tool which can help you reduce weight and become healthier on a day to day basis as you get the highest benefits of fruit and veggies in its purest form. Juices are delightful pleasures especially on a hot day when every part of your being and body are thirsting for moisture. It’s the best alternative because it could make you feel full as opposed to eating processed foods and any other unhealthy products.

Most of the time, children tend to be overweight simply because parents don’t discipline their kids in having the proper and healthy food. Soda pops, fast food meals, canned goods are just a few foods which are becoming part of their lifestyle and they hold it as they get old. It’s always advisable that parents must introduce right diet to their siblings as early as possible so that they’ll know how to maintain a healthy physique.

Juicing also benefits dieting in numerous ways. To start with, this makes you feel full. Next, it will provide you with more energy and strength so you become more active and becoming more active is part of every diet program. It takes off weight quickly. Even stubborn fat burns when raw juicing is put into a diet or becomes the key component of a diet.

With all the nutritional value in fresh fruit juices, bodies are better able to fight the effects of toxins, contaminants and pollutants in the surroundings. These vitamins and minerals also lower the health risks for chronic degenerative conditions like cancer, strokes and cardiovascular illnesses. This is in contrast to the bottled juices and artificial juices we obtain from stores and other commercial establishments. These products generally have high amount of preservative and the process it has passed through results to a lesser nutrients that we is deserving of.

Juicing not merely provides nutrition to our bodies, but it trains our minds. We must find out what certain foods contain just before we juice them. We will need to know why we intend to juice them. Juicing is more than a delicious drink; it is a way of life. Because it will help you lower weight and tone your body, you’ll be more positive and pleased on the way you appear. Much more than the physical benefits, the emotional and psychological benefits can also be a consideration to apply this way of living. You’re able to discipline yourself and focus on one goal and that is to become healthy and fit. You’ll never lose in juicing.

These positive aspects accumulate considerably for diets meant to regain health. When you find yourself unwell or weakened, if you are sluggish and not working at your best, when you are injured and needed to heal, or if you have a special ailment like diabetes or high blood pressure, juicing benefits the body by providing it the strength and proper nutrition it requires to heal and rebuild.

9 Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Bags

“It is hard to get that natural look when every time you face a mirror there is an excess baggage underneath your eyes. People would focus more on your  eye bags instead of your beautiful eyes.  But you don’t have to worry anymore since there are lots of home remedies that can get rid of those irritating eye bags.”Eye Bag Remedy #3: Cold Spoons

If people have anything in common, it is the fact that we are all constantly tired. Most of us try to get enough sleep, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Of course, looking tired is code for looking crummy. None of us want saggy eye bags dragging down our faces!

Those pesky dark circles are not a good look or a good feeling, and it’s not always enough to cover them up with makeup and hope for the best. Sometimes, you need a more lasting solution.


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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Veggie Juices

If you need to enjoy the benefits of freshness, fullness and flavor of juices, it is recommended to purchase a juicer. Not just that you can ensure that the juice you are drinking is definitely the real thing since you made it yourself, you can benefit too from its power to shed pounds. If you’re able to discipline yourself to make juices as opposed to overindulging processed junk food, you’ll be able to assure great results in no time.”

organic vegetable fruit juices philippines

The benefit of juicing daily is one of those healthy habits that many wellness enthusiasts promote and swear by because of its noticeable results. Whether you’re after the benefits of juicing for weightloss or simply enjoy the taste in the rainbow of combinations in which you can create a juice, drinking vegetable juice daily is a surefire way to replenish and enhance your health…


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What Is Indoor Air Quality and Why Does it Matter?

Since lots of people devote a lot of their time indoors, the quality of the air indoors is a very important factor in the person’s general health and comfort. Poor air quality can cause great hazards to your health and result in a lots of illnesses which can be difficult to treat.”
Based on the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollution is 5x worse compared to outdoor air quality. Worse, this air pollution results in many health conditions many individuals experience. Indoor air pollution contaminates the air we breathe each day.

The quality of air features a direct impact on the health, comfort, and concentration levels of every individual. Poor indoor air quality could be the reason behind many people falling ill. Hence, indoor air quality tests are a wise investment in the health of your family and safety of your house.

Who Is Affected By Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The air pollutants put stress on your immune system, which can result in other health issues. The effects of poor indoor air quality on an individual will vary greatly based on age and relative health. Nevertheless, in general, poor indoor air quality leads to allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and weakened immune systems. Children are especially vunerable to the health risks of polluted indoor air since their lungs are smaller and they’ve got to take more breaths during the day. In the event you experience allergy symptoms or asthma attacks in your house, you could have poor indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality can be negatively influenced by several environmental issues inside home. If you have pets, animal dander they leave can add to pollution, as can poorly maintained HVAC and ventilation systems, dust and dirt mites, pollen, smoking and the like. This includes the use of synthetic construction materials in which release compounds toxic to the body in the air, and home cleaners. Your capability to control your indoor air quality and energy efficiency will assist you to develop a safe haven in your house.

How Can Quality Be Improved?

To boost the quality of the air, you will want to set up high quality air filters in the home. High quality air conditioner filters are designed to trap air pollutants as the air passes through the filter material, efficiently removing these pollutants from the indoor air. This greatly reduces exposure to airborne contaminants and can reduce the risk of allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems associated with poor air quality in your home.

Another way is to increase the ventilation of the affected building. A lot of newer buildings are designed to be virtually airtight, trapping air pollutants within the building. Ventilating the building by opening doors and windows and circulating the air through the entire building can replace old, polluted air with clean air from the outdoors, dramatically helping the quality of the air indoors.

The benefits of vertical gardens on human health

“You don’t have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plants look attractive. But dig a little deeper beneath their beauty and you’ll discover that the benefits of vertical landscaping go far beyond the aesthetic.”


Vertical gardens are still newcomers in landscape architecture where the primary use is for the creation of new green space in cities where available space is scarce. Vertical gardens are known for their aesthetic value, their creation of ecosystems and their positive influence on biodiversity, micro-climates and building heat efficiency. They also have a profound positive impact on air quality, especially in regard to humidity and dust content, both indoors and outdoors. But do plants really matter?

The cumulative body of evidence from over a decade of research on the people-nature relationship provides an unequivocal answer: contact with vegetation, in a variety of circumstances, is highly beneficial to human health and well being…


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10 Benefits of Using a Drinking Water System

It is vital that you understand that there are multitude of other contaminants that are within your home and office water. Utilizing a drinking water system could greatly lessen the odds of being harmed by the everyday water we take in by either cooking with it or simply drinking it.”

Image result for benefits drinking water system
It really is uncommon to get clean, pure water from the tap. Irrespective of where you are, tap water can have some type of chemicals or other toxins in it. Even so, for most places, this is simply not true. It is very important know what is in our drinking water, due to the fact everyone needs to be familiar with what we are putting in your body. Once we realize what is in our drinking water, we’ll also learn the value of a drinking water system.

The standards within the drinking water system are created to make the water safe for anyone to drink, even when it comes out of a tap. Bacteria, which includes yeast, legionella, nitrate or viruses all are filtered out right before getting into a drinking area. On this purification process, are several who believe that water is safe to drink, because these micro-organism are taken from the water.

Should you carry on and drink water that’s not been through a drinking water system, it’s likely that it will contain chlorine, estradiol, lead, weed killers, parasites plus more. Even a layman will know that the existence of such matter in your drinking water poses a real threat to your health.

Most of us have heard of scares from lead paint, therefore take into consideration how dangerous it is to put lead directly into your body. In case you have even the slightest immune deficiency, taking in toxic water can cause some severe effects. Should you worry about your body at all, you should make steps to get a proper drinking water system to get rid of these chemicals.

Indeed, we can acquire bottled water to drink and that is a short-term fix, yet in the long run it is higher priced and harmful to our environment. More interesting, is that bottled water organizations are only held to the standards of the self-regulated water systems, but any water product that contains even 1% flavoring aren’t needed to meet those standard

When selecting a water treatment system for your house, you’ll find there’s a wide range of choices. Be it simple countertop models to ones that are set up throughout the building of your home, having clean water is easy to achieve, simply take time to fully familiarize the types of systems available. Take control of your health today and begin drinking the purest water that you could. Drinking purified water is essential should you want to stay healthy and feel great for a long time to come.

Don’t Give Up: 5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything

“A good tactic to get kids to eat a wide variety of foods is to tell them that tasting new things is a sign they’re growing up. Or, take them shopping and let them choose a new, healthy food to serve at home with something they already like.”

Mom and her daughter cooking in the kitchen

Got a picky eater on your hands? Even if you’re blessed with a child who loves veggie purees, spinach and tomatoes, as a parent, I know that kids’ affinity for healthy foods can come and go. But I’m here to tell you: Stay strong and keep serving those healthy foods.

Research suggests that it takes 10 to 15 tries before a kid will actually eat—and like—a new food. How you serve healthy foods may factor in as well. A recent study showed that school-aged kids (7-10 years old) ate more carrots when they were served whole carrots versus when they were served diced carrots. One of the possible reasons may be that once kids started eating the whole carrot, they were likely to finish it, and so consumed more as a result. No more slicing veggies for the lunchbox? This news will be music to ears of busy parents everywhere…

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11 Reasons To Drink A Tbsp Of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily + More Uses

Apple cider vinegar is made from apple cider that has been fermented, producing healthy probiotics and enzymes and significantly slashing sugar and calories. Apple cider vinegar benefits include improving weight loss, dropping blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stabilizing blood sugar, enhancing skin health and relieving acid reflux symptoms.:

11 Reasons To Drink A Tbsp Of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily + More Uses

You’ve probably heard the claims.  But even if you are aware of all that apple cider vinegar has to offer, you might find it hard to believe that just one food can offer so many benefits. Surprisingly (or maybe not) it’s true!  Drinking apple cider vinegar daily is a sure fire way to improve many aspects of your health and your life…

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“Having thick skin might be a good thing when it comes to personality traits, but it’s not a quality many people like associated with their feet. Calluses, which are rough and hardened bumps that commonly form on feet from repeated friction, dry skin and other irritation, can be unsightly as well as painful.”

woman soaking feet

Having healthy and pretty feet year-round is important, but it becomes even more important during the summer when we’re ready to show our feet off in some cute sandals or while sashaying on the beach.  An estimated 87 percent of adults in the U.S. have some type of foot problem and one of the most common problems is calluses. Calluses may not be as painful or unsightly as their good friends, corns, but they are just as rough and tough…

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