Four Reasons to Have A Loft Conversion

Enhancing your house has never before been more valuable, as moving has become a massive expenditure. It’s not unusual for homeowners to spend thousands relocating home, simply to get that little more space for a growing family.But exactly what is the alternative? Another option to moving home can be converting your loft; that wasted space towards the top of your property that you simply seldom use, except if for storage reasons.

Lofts and attics are normally big spots that can be transformed into functional living area. The possibilities are limitless too and you could have a bedroom, bathroom, study or perhaps playroom. Loft conversions have become the cheaper method to extending your property and providing yourself extra room.

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Utilize Wasted Space

Lofts make more room for the home altering it to a more functional area. Almost any residence can have its loft converted and, dependant on the size of your house, end up getting at least an additional bedroom, or an office/study with a shower room, or a kids playroom with toilet off.

Increase Home Value

A large factor in having loft conversion would be the capability to raise the marketable value of the home. Even though the increase in value will be highly dependent on the extent of work accomplished, recent reports reveal that a high-quality loft conversion has the potential to raise a property’s value up to 20%

Avoid the Expense of Moving Home

When a family is growing and the kids get older, you reach to a point that you will surely need a huge space. One option that a person will be thinking is to relocate house. However, it is not as easy as it sounds in today’s economic climate. House prices are static at best – OK the home you intend to buy seems a bargain on paper, but you’re going to have to market your house at an equally reduced price and sit on the market for some time before snagging a potential buyer.

Cheaper Alternative to Extending

In relation to adding extra space, you’ve got 2 principal options; convert the loft, or extend to your garden. With the infrastructure already in place, loft conversion tend to be the less expensive option. What’s more, you will not be taking out a chunk from your garden and with it, property value.

The popularity of loft conversions has skyrocketed, because it has become a less expensive substitute for increase the value of your home and take advantage of extra space. Velux windows will bring in plenty of natural light, so the added space can be converted into whatsoever your property requires.

How Often You Should Mop Your Floors — And The Right Way To Do It

Would it surprise you to learn that most people don’t how to mop correctly? Mopping is rarely a fun chore, but now and then it is a task that needs to be done to keep your floor looking clean and sanitary.

If you love a clean floor, but hate the chore of mopping, TODAY Home is here to help.

These items were hand-picked by our editorial team because we love them – and we hope you do, too. TODAY has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not by TODAY.

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Wouldn’t you love to mop like a pro? We asked America’s No. 1 cleaning expert, Don Aslett, for help. With a company that cleans 400 million square feet a night, he’s got mopping down to a science.

Start with the right mop

When Aslett first went into business, his favorite tools for mopping were a string mop and a bucket. For years, that’s how Aslett and his workers cleaned floors. In fact, if it weren’t for the discovery of one item, he’d probably still be using a string mop today.

Since the invention of microfiber, with its thousand-plus fibers per square inch, Aslett has changed his style. He now uses a mop that has a reusable microfiber pad instead of strings.

“I haven’t found anything that cleans better than a microfiber pad mop,” Aslett told TODAY Home. “It picks up dirt fast and easily and does the job without bulky buckets.”

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22 Pretty Ways to Organize Your Pantry

It is my belief that every home needs a well organized pantry. Having an organized pantry saves big time. Organizing a pantry is not difficult with the right procedure. Here are the 22 tested tips from an article post on how to make organizing a pantry a lot easier.

Is it just us, or is a gorgeous pantry just like an invitation to cook up a masterpiece or finally host that dinner party? Whether you have a full walk-in pantry or are dealing with more of an open-shelving situation, a pretty pantry goes beyond just storage space. We generally don’t spend much time thinking about how to decorate a pantry, but just a few little updates like colorful containers and labeled jars can go a long way in creating your dream pantry. Here are 22 stylish ideas on how to strike organizational bliss by putting your beautiful items on display and creating a neat arrangement of your daily essentials.

1. Put a Label on It: Instead of spending a whole weekend labeling every jar, put a funky vintage label on the shelves to keep things organized. Wooden crates and a wire pendant light make this pantry completely rustic chic.

2. Have Miscellaneous Baskets: If you don’t really want to buy containers for every single item in your pantry, get some big baskets to store all the bagged things. You’ll never have to go digging through piles of bags to find an ingredient if they’re all kept together.

3. Free Printable Chalkboard Labels: From arborio rice to quinoa, these labels are ready to print and apply to all your pantry staples.

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Hiring a Good Paving Contractor

Paving jobs, regardless of whether they are big or small, should always be taken seriously and thoroughly planned throughout. For everybody who is not familiar with paving work and would like to get the job done by themselves, there are numerous stuff that must be considered.. To obtain any paving work done effectively and of the highest standard, it’s always suggested to employ a professional paving contractor.

With simple theories on carpentry as well as other skills, some people undertake a paving project with the entire family. Even though, it will be possible for small projects, paving could be more elaborate and hard at times it is preferable to work with a contractor.

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Paving is a specialized job. Thus, they always demand professional planning and implementation. Lots of issues will arise if the tasks are not done properly when conducting it yourself. Further expenses could even be knowledgeable for back jobs and poor outputs. However, competent companies have a sound knowledge and skill concerning the job. Such professionals or companies have relevant licenses and certifications to work on these projects.

When starting a patio project, the first thing to do is to decide which type of pavers to utilize. Because the pavers also come in wide selections in various sizes, shapes, and colors, you can freely match the materials and colors to your dwelling or garden designs. Going for the cheaper materials may be practical however if you aim to make use of the pavers for longer period of time, and if you wish to avoid repetition of work and maintenance which costs a lot, then, picking out the expensive yet durable and quality materials is the right move. A wise decision may be guided by a professional who’re more expert in working with these things.

The total amount of materials that you’ll need for the task can also be often surprising. When all this is considered, even if you’re able to get the job done in a professional manner, it may have cost you near the same amount as it would have cost to employ paving contractors in the first place.

Another advantage of using professional paving contractors for your project is you can be confident that it’s going to be of top quality. Not only will it look exactly as you would like, but it will also be built to last, making sure it is a long time before any further work is required. This can be in stark contrast to for those who have unconsciously used cheap, or the wrong type of materials when conducting the job yourself. While it may look good initially, you might not be patting yourself on the back quite so much a couple of months down the line each time a quantity of cracks develop.

Paving just isn’t to be messed with, therefore the the next time you’ve got a job appear, do not take the risk of doing it yourself; leave it to the knowledgeable and trained paving contractors near your home to complete.


Four Steps to Find Out If You Need A New Roof

Can you simply gaze up at the roofline since you run into and out of your house? Don’t wait for a tree to fall down on it before you take a good look. Inspection is essential, since a lot of wilting signs tend to be barely obvious from a distance. Your roof may be deteriorating without you acknowledging that replacement is needed.

Many roofs have a life span of 20 years. If it is time to find a new roof, you will see signs. These tend not to include leaking because whenever you observe leaking, this means that the issue may need much more substantial repairs since now the home structure may be compromised. You don’t want to wait until utilize your unused pots to collect rain water in your home. As you should still repair a small problem once in a while, a replacement may be needed before you know it. Listed below are the to signs which will let you know should you need new roofing for your house.

Step 1: Many signs of damage are visible from the interior of a house. A damaged roof lets extra moisture into a home, which may further damage the structure of the property. Maybe you have a challenge if you see water spots or obvious leaks in the ceiling. Other considerations to consider include cracked walls and paint, peeling wallpaper, mold, discolored plasterboard, or apparent signs and symptoms of moisture in an attic.

Step 2: Again, a clear one, but one that may got unnoticed if you don’t inspect your roof every now and then. Shingles could go missing due to heavy rain and wind and if you do not get these replaced eventually you may want to repair or replace whole parts of the roof.

Step 3: Metal panels buckle as a result of weather exposure and wrong installation. In the first case, numerous years of exposure to varying temperatures may warp panels, or the widening of the screw holes and the destruction of joints may allow wind to raise the panels up. It doesn’t matter what causes the panels to buckle, they present two problems: they cause leaks, and they can blow away during a storm.

Step 4: Depending on the specific materials utilized, the average life-span of a structure is all about 20 to 25 years. For those residing in a place with heavy snowfall or high humidity, this life expectancy may be relatively shorter. The best way to identify the integrity of your roofing structure is to employ a contractor who are able to carry out a thorough inspection.

There is perhaps nothing more essential than having a secure place to go home to each night. With these 4 steps, you can ensure that the protection of your house and more importantly, all your family members.


How To Easily Extend Your Water Heater’s Life

A lot of people don’t understand that to keep their water heater working properly they have to perform basic water heater maintenance. Just like you need to do this with your own body by going to a doctor, or for your car regularly, it is really an critical tool to longevity. When water is pumped to your water heater’s tank, dirt and minerals settle on the bottom. This may instantly cause your heater to lose its usefulness and if fully neglected, lessen the years of use you could have. Getting a bucket and hose are tools that will assist you. Do not forget also gloves to protect your hands.


Flushing is an yearly chore relatively simple to do, and doesn’t take too much time while 40 or 50 gals water drains and refills the tank. Flushing removes calcium or any other mineral sediment build-up on the bottom of the tank which otherwise minimizes capacity and insulates the water from the bottom fired gas burner or in-tank electrical element, lowering heating efficiency.

Very carefully open the temperature/pressure relief valve at the top of the tank by lifting the lever. Keep the valve open. Open the drain valve at the bottom of the heater enabling the water to flow out through the garden hose. If the sediment is clogging the drain valve then try closing the temperature/pressure relief valve and turn the cold inlet valve back on to “power flush” the sediment out.

In some instances the sediment hardens in to huge chunks that may block the drain valve. If that’s the case, then wait until everything cools down, take away the garden hose from the drain valve, take off the valve if needed, and make use of a long screw driver to break up the clog. This is a very sloppy procedure.

For most people who don’t have the time, the inclination, or the tools to maintain their water heater, calling a plumber is an excellent method to keep the water heater well-maintained. Getting a plumber to do the work is a time-saving way of getting things done. Yet, there are several plumbers who aren’t properly licensed and you ought to avoid these.

Right now you’ve got peace of mind in the assurance you have done what you could to prolong the life of your water heater, and cut down on your electrical or gas utility bill.


Major Clutter Buster: A Clever Way to Conceal Lots of Ugly Stuff

With the sheer amount of work we do on an everyday basis, things can easily get cluttered. It’s nice to have things organized so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. And one of the ways to organize and be creative is to cover those piled boxes or stuffs.


While our dream homes are clutter-free sanctuaries that would make Marie Kondo proud, our real homes are where we store our mismatched bedding sets, bulk paper towels from Costco, and Backstreet Boys CDs from circa 1999. To keep all of this mess out of sight and give the illusion of an organized home, try one of our favorite DIY clutter concealers. Curtains, roller shades, no-sew table skirts—these are the easiest ways to keep the chaos under wraps.

Above: Just in case your bathroom storage isn’t as tidy as HGTV’s perfectly appointed shelves, hang a couple curtain panels to mask the mess.

To conceal her craft storage, Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse gave an old IKEA bookcase a swipe of white paint and covered it with a fabric curtain. The striped fabric lends a farmhouse feel, but you could also pick a graphic design for a more modern look.

To form this makeshift closet, a set of old IKEA cabinets are topped with wire tension rods and fitted with semi-sheer curtains. After an expensive bedroom makeover on Syrinveien, this cheap closet hack helped keep the budget under control. If you want even more uses for tension rods, check out our 15 (!) favorite ideas.

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6 Smart Ways To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are everywhere! Getting rid of fruit flies can be a nuisance for every homeowners. To prevent these pests from increasing, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are tips on how to do it.

You’re not alone in your love of seasonal produce: Pesky fruit flies always seem to find their way to your farmer’s market haul before you even get a chance to fully enjoy it. It doesn’t take long for them to take over your kitchen.

While your best bet for keeping them at bay is to store fresh fruit in sealed places, sometimes that overripe banana might sit out just a little too long and, suddenly, it’s too late. Compost that mushy produce as soon as possible, then try one of these effective remedies to banish fruit flies from your kitchen.

1. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar

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Remove the cap from the bottle (it doesn’t have to be full — nearly empty will also work). Cover the opening in plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Then, poke a hole for the fruit flies to enter. They can’t resist the scent of vinegar, and they won’t be able to exit once they’re inside.

“No matter how hard I try to prevent fruit flies every summer, they seem to always find me. Every year, I Google ‘how to get rid of fruit flies’ and every year, I end up using this tried-and-true method. It’s not pretty, but it is pretty effective,” says Kim at Today’s Creative Blog.

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#Toohottosleep: 16 Ways To Help You Sleep In Hot Weather

Sleep problems during summer are very common because of the unbearable heat that makes it harder yo sleep. But you can now avoid the discomfort you are about to feel this coming summer by the tips given int his article.


It can often be a struggle getting a good night’s sleep during summer – temperatures rise and the sweltering heat and humidity leaves us tossing and turning.

‘Hot weather can be a nuisance when it comes to bedtime, and while we may celebrate the warmth of the sun and the longer, brighter days, heat can cause havoc when it comes to catching the Zzzs,’ says Lisa Artis at The Sleep Council.

‘Ideally, bedrooms should be around 16-18°C (60-65°F) but if, at nighttime, the outside temperature remains higher, or your bedroom has retained the heat from the day, it can be difficult to keep cool. Your body temperature needs to lower slightly before you go to sleep which is why it’s difficult to drop off when you’re too hot.’

So how can we keep cool and get to sleep despite the heat? Take a look at these tips and tricks below:


Lisa says…

1. ‘Pull out your hot water bottle, but fill it with ice cold water and have it in bed with you.’

2. ‘Also, try putting socks in the fridge and wear them in bed – cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body, ideal during a hot summer’s night.’

3. ‘Cool a pillow case in the fridge before bedtime or try one of the new cooling pillows that are available to buy – both will help you keep a cool head!’

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Tips to Preserve the Septic Tank System

A septic tank is the major element alike septic system. In doing complete upkeep it is likewise essential to consist of the other to basic parts, the drain field and also the dirt.

Correct landscape design is one vital element in the maintenance of the septic system. When building your septic tank, ensure that the soil absorption location is far from rainwater water drainage or downspouts. See to it that it is not below your garage and areas where you will place hefty tools. Draw away the water coming from other means far from the septic tank drainfield. Do not construct your septic tank near a tree or locations where soil erosion could effortlessly occur. Roots from the trees can get through and also damage your septic tank.

Chemicals and also cleaners in the system are possibly unsafe once they leach right into the drainpipe fields, eliminating the bacteria that are required to decay the solids in the container. If disintegration does not occur, storage tanks fill up promptly and also require pumping even more often.Dispose of dangerous chemicals like paint thinners, varnish, gasoline and motor oils appropriately because they could spoil your septic system and also are hazardous to the groundwater.

Separate the bathroom from trash bin always, if you possess a septic tank you understand that you will should take care with all your trash and also waste, even if it suggests that you will certainly need to notify any site visitor in your residence concerning it. Cigarette butts and also filters facial tissues, paper towels, coffee grounds, feminine napkins, disposable diapers, tampons, cat litter, as well as other solid waste needs to be gotten rid of in your rubbish bins and not on your bathroom. They clog to your septic tank quickly.

When it comes to the cleaning products you utilize in your house, avoid things with ammonia as well as chlorine, as well as see to it the products are biodegradable and safe. Never ever make use of powder products, liquids are always the choice making whether it is a washing detergent or toilet cleaner. Also making use of liquid dishwasher detergent is suggested by some experts.
Do not flush left over foods

Solid materials flushed down the tubes substantially increase the accumulation of solid wastes in the bottom of the tank. While non natural compounds may just amount to the mass of waste in the storage tank. Periodic pumping of these wastes is should stay clear of the tank being full.

It is your responsibility to guarantee that you septic system is constantly functioning as well as functional in a longer period of time. For instance, there are dos and also don’ts that you should observe for appropriate septic system upkeep. Work with expert contractors in order to help you with this job knowing the proper time to earn the necessary upkeep. It is also a should to care for this indispensable system in your home with common and also easy points such as preventing flushing of products that could block the pipelines and also pumps.