Advantages of Using Venetian Blinds

When you decide the interior décor of your recently built home or when decorating your own home, one thing that must be determined is what to utilize to cover the windows if you want privacy and wish to keep the sunlight out of your home. You must select from curtains or new generation blinds.. When viewing long term benefits, venetian blind is among the best option.”

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Window blinds are a well-known favorite especially amongst modern house owners who wish to give their windows a clean and put together look. When selecting the correct set of window blinds to brighten one’s home, it is recommended provide venetian blinds a try. These are effortless to put in, passed safety standards, stylish and durable.

Venetian window blinds happen to be known to the mankind for centuries; the current day Venetians came a long way towards becoming a perfect window covering due to the rise of technology as well as adjustments of the blinds which ultimately elevated their functionality and value in the marketplace.

They give you more control.

These lovely blinds are available in two types. The blind in which rolls up and down just like a curtain or the more well-known vertical type where each and every blind could rotate on its own axis. Vertical types are often favored because they enable partial light to your room whilst preventing the harsh sun rays going inside. They could be set up as a single one for the entire length of the window or separate blinds for each pane of the window. The horizontal model is not going to permit this convenience. They are also available in various colors to be able to select one that suit the décor of the room.

These types of blinds are easier to install.

It’s simple to put in Venetian blinds as well as any handy person should be able to get the job done. It is however required to make sure your Venetian blinds are set up properly. Otherwise, you may end up getting blinds that become tangled and crooked. The first step would be to make sure that your measurements are perfect. Measure each window individually. You’re going to be amazed at the number of windows that are said to be the same size, are not. You can mount Venetian blinds on the inside or the outside of your window frame. If the window is particularly small, mounting the blinds on the outside make the impression of a bigger window.

They are easier to clean.

Many householders find blinds to be low maintenance and simpler to clean. In contrast to fabric blinds, which have to be taken to the cleaners so as to keep them looking their best, venetian blinds could be cleaned using a damp cloth or through a feather duster. It is just that easy. A vacuum cleaner can also be used each 6 weeks to ensure blinds are clean and dust free.

Venetian blinds work well in almost any room in the home and are a good option if you love to frequently change a room’s decor simply because they fit most arrangements. They don’t work as well on bay windows however as fitting them could be rather tricky, so remember this.

The Basics of Shabby Chic Style

A shabby chic look is a design and style that effortlessly lends itself to decorating on a budget. The reason being the Shabby Chic look will depend on using furnishings that happen to be comfortable, time-worn, and in keeping with basic and practical living.

In case you are on a limited decorating budget and would like to build a look that is unpretentious yet elegant, Shabby Chic could be the style for you. Below are a few of the basic components that make-up a Shabby Chic look that you could would like to try in your house.

Painted Walls: Selecting the paint for the project is also quite simple. White can often be your best bet, however light blues along with other colors work well as well. If you intend to do a whole room in the style, then choose a color that will not wear on your eyes after a while. Making use of color on the walls in a dramatic and unexpected way will immediately transform the space.

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Printed Fabrics: Shabby chic is reliant heavily on fabric to provide the opulent look. Items appear to be they are overdone in fabric however in a neat way, The fabrics generally used are cotton, linen and denim. They are either plain solid color and have a distinctive print or design. A ruffled, rumpled elegance is characteristic of this timeless style of decorating.

Unique Furniture: It follows a number of vintage trends. Many of them have Victorian patterns, which could appeal to art lovers and people who love antiques. Others bear sleek contours which add intricacy to a wood-based environment. A few pieces even step away from the oft minimalistic approach, and exude vintage beauty, as displayed by shabby chic chandeliers.

Flowers: A huge thing that a lot of overlook with a shabby chic space is flowers. Living flowers are an effortless way to not only make a space smell better, but in addition feel better. Furthermore, one can pick various flowers which could add into their theme. Roses are the ideal flower to include in to the princess feel, while sunflowers work well with the eclectic feel. These live flowers are a wonderful way to add comfort to the space, as many feel more welcome in a space that adds these natural elements.

Unique Lighting: Lighting is another area where you can be a little creative. Antique looking chandeliers and candle holders are perfect within this decor. Lamp shades are often adorned with glass or crystal beads that enhance the antique look. Painted shades are great as well. Anything that seems to be if it came from another era is just what you are going after.

Now that you know some of the key fundamentals that go into making a Shabby Chic look, you can try to add some of these elements to your own home. A major appeal and the beauty of a Shabby Chic look is the imperfection, so tend not to be afraid of making a mistake when giving this style a try.


Everything You Need to Know About Saturated Colors, the New Year’s Trend

Selecting interior paint colors is an overwhelming and stressful event for many homeowners.  Color is the single most important factor in creating the mood of a room.  Interior colors this year will be more in saturated color.

If you’ve been following our reporting on 2018 interior design trends, you know that stark, minimalist spaces are a thing of the past. We’ve been seeing more and more saturated colors recently — and, boy, do they look good!

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One thing’s for sure, though — when you’re dealing with bold hues, you need a deft hand. So, if you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, let us guide the way. Below is a list of some of the most common applications for how to use saturated colors in your interiors and tips on how to pull them off like a pro. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Tackling the walls

When thinking about adding color to a room, the obvious choice for many is to look to the walls. In the scheme of things, color is cheap. You can buy paint for pennies on the dollar compared to most design elements, and it will have a huge impact on the overall look of the room.

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7 Genius Entryway Storage Ideas to Get You Out the Door Faster

Creating an interesting, attractive, organized and functional entryway can not only get people excited about being in your home but can also help you and your family be more organized. The foyer or entryway is where your guests will have their first impression of your home.

It’s so easy (and so unfair) how quickly your entryway can go from clean to chaos — and that chaos makes trying to get out the door brutal.

Think of all that time wasted hunting for your keys and umbrella, or digging through a pile of coats to find the one you need. Five minutes spent searching for stuff each morning becomes 35 minutes a week, or more than 30 hours a year!


Corralling your clutter can feel overwhelming, but with the right mindset and a few clever hacks, your entryway can be what helps you get out of the house on time — not what slows you down.

Here are seven ideas to help you out:

#1 Personalize Buckets
How do those hats and gloves end up all over the entryway? Half the time, it happens when someone tosses them aside while searching for their own stuff. That’s why separating each person’s storage space is so ingenious.

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Add Japanese Decor To Your Home

Japanese interior are not new to us. I believe most of us are fascinated of how Japanese integrate their styles in their houses. Making use of some Japanese designing details in your home’s decor will totally transform its look. Japanese decorating automatically adds a calm and serene beauty to your surroundings. Even just a few details from this school of design will help to improve your home and help it to reflect a less hectic lifestyle.

The Japanese interior decor feel is about finding balance, space, and the easy decor. You’ll find nothing luxurious regarding the furniture or the appliances which are into a home, this is not the way that they wish the appearance to be like. Right now, do not go cleaning out your home and throwing away the appliances and decorations you already have. Simply save them for another room in the home instead.

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Furniture is lower and near the ground, not only to create the illusion of a bigger space but also to signify balance and comfort. Much emphasis is given to horizontal, rather than vertical, lines. Lack of ornamentation in wooden furniture is also a component that sets Japanese bedroom design apart from all the rest. Japanese wood artisans count on neat and simple lines to highlight their masterpieces. What you may see in the room is a dresser, an armoire or wardrobe, and a nightstand. At times there’s a tiny tea table and a chair. When more storage is necessary, a “tansu” or chest is positioned.


It really is typical for a Japanese home to have a Tatami, or mat that you position on the floor. You can have one large Tatami or you could have several of them in a single room. In case you lack a Tatami or you can obtain several bamboo rugs. Bamboo rugs include the perfect addition to this look if you don’t have access to a Japanese rug. Bamboo blinds may also be used as part of the decor. These bamboo blinds were generally known as sudare and they would actually provide a petition between rooms so that you cannot see through them.


Just about the most flexible beds was created in Japan. The futon became a part of the complete decor. It not merely preserved on space but it was a bed if someone else needed a place to sleep and a sofa if somebody had to sit. The futon was initially on a wooden frame however today you will find metal frames to choose from too. The mattress on the original futon has been much thicker than the ones we come across today. There was not frame to the bed either.

One of the most common looks in Japanese decor is the Shoji screens. These screens had been decorated with special art prints on them. They were used to divide a section of the room. A Noren is a curtain utilized to create a separation between two rooms. These curtains were created from cotton and they’ve got screen images on them to highlight and accent the decor.

By Incorporating a few Japanese-inspired items in your conventional home, your room with Japanese style elements would be a mentally comforting retreat that you will look forward to at the end of a stress filled day.


Decorating With Wood

Designing your property can be a tough and sometimes tedious job. It is hard to make your home feel cozy and warm and also stylish and unique. Woods are decorating pieces that may look stunning in any home. With a few styling tips, anyone’s home can look like it is straight out of a magazine. Wood decor utilized to look plain and dull but now there are many new designs, shapes and even colors for you to choose from.

There are lots of wood décor you can pick in the market today and you can benefit a lot from them. Tables, chairs, benches and several other items you will need at your residence are examples of wood décor you can choose in the market. It is also safe for your health and may give you the comfort you need just like others decorations made of steel.

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Quality wood has a presence and personality all its own and it lends an air of permanence and character to a home. If it’s expertly crafted, it will be around for years and years and for that reason, numerous interior decorators put it to use in their decorating plans and purchase heirloom pieces of furniture that can be passed down through the generation. One of the things you’ll love about wood is that it can be pastoral in design; made from oak and perfect for a country home or cabin. It may be made from Danish teak; with a minimalist feel and look. Or it may be elegant; built from flamed tiger oak and used in a grand foyer.

In terms of style and design of decoration, wood décor is the best thing that you can pick. You can make your personalize design and style. You need to know that these days the lifestyle of many people are changing easily and for you to be wise it’s always best to choose product that you can create necessary adjustment in an easy way. Wood décor can last even for a lifetime and even though people change their lifestyle this type of product can certainly still fit into it.

When you choose wood décor as part of your design in your house there are things you need to take into account. Don’t allow it to be wet for a long period of time due to the fact wood can’t stay for long in a wet condition. It’s advisable if you can keep them clean and dry most of the time.

4 Ways To Style Your Christmas Dining Table With Lights

One of the most iconic symbols of this time together, is having everyone gather together around a big dining room table. Here are some seasonal ideas for you to use to give your own table a unique and dazzling festive appeal.

Merry Christmas everyone! Today, I’m going to show you how to add bling-bling to your Christmas dining table with the help of

As an interior stylist, I decorate Christmas several times a year for magazines and TV shows. Over the years, I’ve picked up decorating styling tricks to spice up your Christmas table with unique touches that will wow.

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My essential prop is lights! Lights sparkle and glow, bringing glitter to mealtimes and make your Christmas table feel extra special.

They are a simple but effective way to transform your dining room ready for the entertaining season. And they bring feel-good factor to your table top too. What’s not to love?


I’m not going to lie – this is one of my fave posts to write and it’s a joy to do. It’s filled with lots of photos taken in my own dining room. It’s packed with tons of styling ideas that you can try out at home.

And – my early Christmas gift to you is a short youtube tutorial video I filmed just for you (watch with a mince pie).

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10 Blogs Every Interior Design Fan Should Follow by MYDOMAINE

Interior design blogs are quickly becoming the next big thing. If you are looking for information on modern interior design, finding a good design blog can be a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends.

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If you’re anything like us, you already have a list of daily home-design reads that keep your inspiration levels way up and are a reliable resource for decorating, party planning, or redesigning. But just as the latest trends shift with the seasons, so too do our favorite websites. We’ve gone through our bookmark bar (aka our little black book of home décor blogs) to uncover the talented resources we constantly turn to. From big-name interior designers to DIY experts and everyday decorators with a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary, there’s no shortage of style among this bunch.

So go on—get bookmarking. Stunning interiors, décor finds, and styling ideas from the best interior design blogs are just a click away.


Amber Lewis’s interior design blog takes you inside the creative workings of her Los Angeles–based studio. Keep an eye on this website for an industry insider’s point of view and interior images that convey Lewis’s modern bohemian aesthetic (hello, textile heaven).

Bookmark for… Before-and-after stories; on-the-ground trend scouting; designer and artist spotlights; and to shop unique rugs, cushions, and more.

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Making Your Home A Resort

Vacation is definitely love! It is one of the few things we always look forward for.

Whether your on sun bathing on the beach, climbing the mountains or just unwinding in a vacation resort, the feeling of it is incomparable. The wonderful view is something that uplifts more of the feeling. Since you like new activities and new views, why not incorporate that concept to your residence? If you desire that resort-like encounter, follow these tips to make your house as divine as what resorts offer.

1. Get the spa treatment. To be able to treat yourself in a spa, perhaps you should do it in your bathroom. Give some thought to brand new, modern lights, replacing the tub or maybe upgrading your sink and bathroom cabinets. Gone are the days of heavy looking closed-in sink cabinets. Right now, stand basins and open shelves is in. Or upgrade to a low flow toilet and water efficient shower to make a gorgeous change while you’re conserving water. A different spa-inspired concept would be to install a free standing tub. This specific look of style frames well with clean white walls and farm house style bead boarding. Then add simple art work having black casings and you will have that classic away-from-home look.

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2. These days, it makes no sense of having space at home that’s not utilized and savored on a regular basis. Do you have a seldom-used dining area? Think of enlarging your kitchen or remodeling the excess space into a family area with more storage.

3. To go on with your own personal getaway, why don’t you have a meditation place? However, if you lack enough space in the house, just transform one of those areas in your house that are hardly ever used. An illustration of this would be the guest rooms. Guests do come rarely so you can change this room should you want. You could set up Murphy beds to ensure that if guests show up, they could still make use of the room.

4. Make perfect outdoor space by having outdoor kitchen or kitchen patios. If it’s decorated and furnished correctly, it will add a new place to eat, entertain and chill out just like what you usually notice and experience when being at resort hotels or spas.

5. Lastly, the set up of furniture is crucial to a room’s feel. Furniture should be minimalist – no complicated throw pillows or designs needed – and incorporate a tranquil color that suits the walls. It’s supposed to be comfortable, thus homeowners should avoid accent furniture when possible.

These are simply few tips for converting the home into a personal resort. However, there are still various ways to do it. Keep in mind that you want a refreshing and quiet place like a resort so try to be minimalist in your style and improvements.


Spice Up Your Home With Colorful Moroccan Decoration

For anyone who is planning to have a house that’s a charming blend of the exotic with elegance then the Moroccan style decor might be a wise decision for you. The Moroccan style of decorating has become extremely popular in the west due to its dramatic flare that can provide a very special appearance to your home.

Think exotic as in Marrakesh, Tangier and of course Casablanca then include a sprinkling of romantic interludes to the look. The exotic flair of these locations is not only extremely sensual but definitely mysterious.

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Whenever decorating your property Moroccan style, ensure that you make use of vibrant natural colors. The colors like green and blue, found in the sea of the area, and the ones just like gold and yellow, found in the surrounding desert, ought to be used as much as possible. You could combine other colors like vibrant red, orange or purple with blue or gold to make an effervescent ambiance.

Moroccan fabrics with complicated embroidery make wonderful tablecloths, curtains, or tapestries for almost any home. The brilliant colors and rich fabrics could make any space immediately chic and cutting-edge. Fill your furniture with many different cushions and drape your doors and windows with a lot of luxurious fabrics.

Moroccan lighting fixtures are unique from any other country on the globe. Handcrafted in the crowded Medina of Marrakech, Fes, and also the magical city of Casablanca, Moroccan lighting fixtures also know as Moorish lighting are the pride of the artisans in which skillfully carve them from quality solid Moroccan brass while encompassed by snake charmers and the smell of market spices.

Colorful mosaic tables not just offer a Moroccan ambiance to your place, but also help to brighten up a dull room. Make use of handmade Moroccan tiles will go a long way in creating a Moroccan decor. Make use of Moroccan tent as a Moroccan lounge escape in your own backyard. Make use of Moroccan wood lattice screens also called Jali Screens in your windows doors, kitchen and bath cabinet doors, or even as a room divider wall. Last but not the least, you can buy silk bedcovers or cushion covers, in jewel tones, to create that perfect Moroccan look.

Whatever specific furniture or veils you may use, keep in mind that a Moroccan styled décor at all times uses the highest quality textures as well as the richest styling available. You room needs to evoke total relaxation, as that is partly exactly what helps it be as romantic as Morocco is. Fountains that trickle in the background is going to cement the romantic look you are trying to attain.

Lest you forget, be certain and have the soft strains of the seductive Andalusian classic music that is Morocco playing in the background. The music should have a lot of lutes and drums, which are both sensual and evocative of a beating heart, therefore it is the perfect accompaniment to the romantic Moroccan style you’ve attained.