Here’s Why You Should Add Tempeh to Your Diet (Plus 15 Recipes to Try)

Nutrients in tempeh are quite balance and can replace some nutrients from animals, make it suitable for those who become vegan. To boost nutrition and slim things down a bit, I have a little trick of cooking nutrient-rich and fiber-rich recipe with tempeh.

Originating from the Indonesian island of Java, tempeh is a nutty, savory fermented soybean cake. It’s made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a very firm cake. Tempeh has a bold, nutty distinct flavor and it’s one of those foods that people seem to love or hate with equal ferociousness, with little room for indecision. What makes it so bold? Fermentation via Rhizopus oligosporus—a mold.

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Fermentation of tempeh begins with whole soybeans. The beans are rinsed, drained and then inoculated with a starter culture that contains Rhizopus mold spores. The tempeh is then fermented at temperatures of 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit/29-32 Celsius for several days. As the mycelium (bacteria colony) grows, it binds the soybeans into a dense, white cake. Sometimes there will be grey or black spots also present on the tempeh; this is completely normal. Avoid tempeh with pink, yellow or blue spots as this indicates that it has been overly fermented.

Tempeh is an incredibly versatile, highly nutritious and delightfully delicious addition to any diet. Let’s take a closer look at why you should add tempeh to your diet, plus some recipes to get you inspired.

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22 Pretty Ways to Organize Your Pantry

It is my belief that every home needs a well organized pantry. Having an organized pantry saves big time. Organizing a pantry is not difficult with the right procedure. Here are the 22 tested tips from an article post on how to make organizing a pantry a lot easier.

Is it just us, or is a gorgeous pantry just like an invitation to cook up a masterpiece or finally host that dinner party? Whether you have a full walk-in pantry or are dealing with more of an open-shelving situation, a pretty pantry goes beyond just storage space. We generally don’t spend much time thinking about how to decorate a pantry, but just a few little updates like colorful containers and labeled jars can go a long way in creating your dream pantry. Here are 22 stylish ideas on how to strike organizational bliss by putting your beautiful items on display and creating a neat arrangement of your daily essentials.

1. Put a Label on It: Instead of spending a whole weekend labeling every jar, put a funky vintage label on the shelves to keep things organized. Wooden crates and a wire pendant light make this pantry completely rustic chic.

2. Have Miscellaneous Baskets: If you don’t really want to buy containers for every single item in your pantry, get some big baskets to store all the bagged things. You’ll never have to go digging through piles of bags to find an ingredient if they’re all kept together.

3. Free Printable Chalkboard Labels: From arborio rice to quinoa, these labels are ready to print and apply to all your pantry staples.

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11 Healthy Ways To Calm Your Anxiety

If you are experiencing persistent and irrational anxiety on everyday situations, you may be suffering from anxiety disorder. It is truly a debilitating and real condition that could take over someones life if they let it. The article below discusses the healthy ways to deal with anxiety.

We all have those days when the to-do list seems too long, many people are demanding our attention at once, everything goes wrong, and it seems nothing is falling into place the way it was meant to. Feelings like this trigger the fight-or-flight response, which was helpful in cave-woman days when we needed a stress response to fuel our retreat from a threat, like a tiger, for example. But in our modern-day lives when the threats are different and constant, we have the same hormones and neurotransmitters coursing through our bodies, which often manifests as chronic anxiety.


Here are the tips I’ve found most helpful personally and with my patients for calming chronic anxiety:

1. Know that you are not alone—anxiety is normal

You are not a freak. We’re all freaking anxious—most of us just don’t admit it. There is always hope and many inroads to understanding and healing the excesses of anxiety and overwhelm.

2. Reframe what the anxiety means.

Rather than thinking about anxiety as something that is wrong with you or some kind of catastrophic event, consider that you are a sensitive, intuitive human being who feels everything (and who may feel everything a LOT). That this is a gift to be cherished. Perhaps the sensory inputs from the world around you are overwhelming, and your work is to create healthy boundaries and to honor your introverted self.

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Hiring a Good Paving Contractor

Paving jobs, regardless of whether they are big or small, should always be taken seriously and thoroughly planned throughout. For everybody who is not familiar with paving work and would like to get the job done by themselves, there are numerous stuff that must be considered.. To obtain any paving work done effectively and of the highest standard, it’s always suggested to employ a professional paving contractor.

With simple theories on carpentry as well as other skills, some people undertake a paving project with the entire family. Even though, it will be possible for small projects, paving could be more elaborate and hard at times it is preferable to work with a contractor.

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Paving is a specialized job. Thus, they always demand professional planning and implementation. Lots of issues will arise if the tasks are not done properly when conducting it yourself. Further expenses could even be knowledgeable for back jobs and poor outputs. However, competent companies have a sound knowledge and skill concerning the job. Such professionals or companies have relevant licenses and certifications to work on these projects.

When starting a patio project, the first thing to do is to decide which type of pavers to utilize. Because the pavers also come in wide selections in various sizes, shapes, and colors, you can freely match the materials and colors to your dwelling or garden designs. Going for the cheaper materials may be practical however if you aim to make use of the pavers for longer period of time, and if you wish to avoid repetition of work and maintenance which costs a lot, then, picking out the expensive yet durable and quality materials is the right move. A wise decision may be guided by a professional who’re more expert in working with these things.

The total amount of materials that you’ll need for the task can also be often surprising. When all this is considered, even if you’re able to get the job done in a professional manner, it may have cost you near the same amount as it would have cost to employ paving contractors in the first place.

Another advantage of using professional paving contractors for your project is you can be confident that it’s going to be of top quality. Not only will it look exactly as you would like, but it will also be built to last, making sure it is a long time before any further work is required. This can be in stark contrast to for those who have unconsciously used cheap, or the wrong type of materials when conducting the job yourself. While it may look good initially, you might not be patting yourself on the back quite so much a couple of months down the line each time a quantity of cracks develop.

Paving just isn’t to be messed with, therefore the the next time you’ve got a job appear, do not take the risk of doing it yourself; leave it to the knowledgeable and trained paving contractors near your home to complete.


Double Oven – Cooking Made Easy

If you are a homemaker with about a hundred activities to do every day, you will for sure appreciate an appliance that provides you with convenience. Cooking is among the activities that every homemaker does. Although this is an enjoyable task for some, this could also be stressful unless you have the correct appliance for it. A double oven can successfully lessen the time it takes to prepare meals. You will find a vast variety of alternatives on the market right now.


So what these consumers find is that they might try and juggle all the various items of food they are wanting to prepare. Of course, this is a disaster waiting to happen and things just do not get cooked, or get cooked too much and usually the meal will probably be ruined. Luckily though, there are several ways to get around this.

Suppose you have a group of friends arriving for dinner, or you have a big family feast at home. With the amount of recipes to make, you cannot possibly finish them all in a matter of minutes. If you are using just one oven, you would need to wait for one dish to cook before you put another inside this kitchen appliance.

Many people purchase double ovens for the above reason; they don’t want to be messing around if they are entertaining guests. In fact all of us think that way but there are several considerations before choosing to purchase and install double ovens.

Of course, the first thing to take into consideration is whether the size of the kitchen will actually fit an oven of this size. The sad reality is that a lot of the times, kitchens are not large enough. For those who are lucky enough to have a big kitchen though, they are going to be an asset when they prepare and cook their meals.

With regards to getting built in double ovens, you do not just consider the price of the oven itself, but the fitting and installation costs. This shouldn’t put you off purchasing a Build in oven, but it is something to help keep in the back of your mind when you’re setting yourself a budget for how much you need to shell out for an oven.

The double oven has made great progress way over the years. It used to have a rather bad reputation as an avocado green monstrosity that actually was not all that helpful to the normal home cook and took up sought after storage space. Modern technology has really changed that. The ovens of today can trade places with cabinets whenever you want!


Choosing the Best Kitchen Floor

When deciding on kitchen floors, it might be a bit confusing when you don’t have any idea the various materials, designs and shades available in the market. Choosing a specific kitchen flooring type is actually about discovering your aesthetic and physical needs, environment inclination as well as your home décor style.

This is also true for spaces which are in frequent use, much like your kitchen area. Your kitchen area is among the most used locations in your home and is constantly under abuse – from visitors, spillages, household pets and drops. When choosing flooring for the kitchen, slim it down to a couple of types that you love appearance-wise after which test them out at a flooring store to get a much better feel for how they could contend with your daily living.

Wish to know what you must think about when you are testing the functionality of kitchen floors?

Slip Resistance. Kitchen is amongst the most busy part of the home. With the hustle and bustle of things, grease spillages, water sloshing to the floor from the sink, food or mats sliding around a few of the potential risks if the flooring is not slip resistant.

Noise. Based on the size of your kitchen, sound can play a major aspect in your decision for a floor. If the kitchen is open and larger, a hard surface could cause an excessive amount of noise that will reverberate throughout your home.

Durability. No one would like to have a kitchen floor installed so it can be fixed or changed a couple of years later. If you are considering installing a kitchen floor, you want something which will stand up to the weight of your heavy cookware.

Based on these aspects of functionality, here are a few kitchen flooring favorites and how they compare in each quality.


Laminate. Laminate is an affordable selection for kitchen flooring which is both long-lasting and easy to keep. It’s a economical choice for making the look you want yet may not be as noiseless and warm compared to others.

Ceramic tile. Particularly the huge ones are  perfect for spots with high traffic and features wide array of designs to select from. However, these tiles usually are very cold and don’t hold in heat and additionally when they are hit with some high-impact force, they can easily break and destroy into pieces.

Hardwood flooring. No other thing is ever going to truly compare to the elegance, warmth and wonder of a well finished hardwood floor. Hardwood kitchen flooring persists considerably longer than several choices, yet it does require to undergo refinishing every once in awhile and this type of flooring are definitely more expensive.

Vinyl. This is sturdy, low-cost and available in sheets or tiles, in smooth or knobby. It’s the most widely used selection in terms of kitchen flooring, and it is found in a large selection of designs, shades and patterns but it can be cold underfoot.

Bamboo. Bamboo floor is amongst the eco-friendly flooring systems. It is one of many new introductions to the market but it is turning out to be high in demand as this also offers warmth and less noise similar to the hardwood floors. Adequate care is needed to maintain the kitchen floors in good and utmost condition.

There’s no faultless floor since each one has its pros and cons. Yet, determining which useful aspects are essential to you will help lead you to the perfect decision for the kitchen.


Four Steps to Find Out If You Need A New Roof

Can you simply gaze up at the roofline since you run into and out of your house? Don’t wait for a tree to fall down on it before you take a good look. Inspection is essential, since a lot of wilting signs tend to be barely obvious from a distance. Your roof may be deteriorating without you acknowledging that replacement is needed.

Many roofs have a life span of 20 years. If it is time to find a new roof, you will see signs. These tend not to include leaking because whenever you observe leaking, this means that the issue may need much more substantial repairs since now the home structure may be compromised. You don’t want to wait until utilize your unused pots to collect rain water in your home. As you should still repair a small problem once in a while, a replacement may be needed before you know it. Listed below are the to signs which will let you know should you need new roofing for your house.

Step 1: Many signs of damage are visible from the interior of a house. A damaged roof lets extra moisture into a home, which may further damage the structure of the property. Maybe you have a challenge if you see water spots or obvious leaks in the ceiling. Other considerations to consider include cracked walls and paint, peeling wallpaper, mold, discolored plasterboard, or apparent signs and symptoms of moisture in an attic.

Step 2: Again, a clear one, but one that may got unnoticed if you don’t inspect your roof every now and then. Shingles could go missing due to heavy rain and wind and if you do not get these replaced eventually you may want to repair or replace whole parts of the roof.

Step 3: Metal panels buckle as a result of weather exposure and wrong installation. In the first case, numerous years of exposure to varying temperatures may warp panels, or the widening of the screw holes and the destruction of joints may allow wind to raise the panels up. It doesn’t matter what causes the panels to buckle, they present two problems: they cause leaks, and they can blow away during a storm.

Step 4: Depending on the specific materials utilized, the average life-span of a structure is all about 20 to 25 years. For those residing in a place with heavy snowfall or high humidity, this life expectancy may be relatively shorter. The best way to identify the integrity of your roofing structure is to employ a contractor who are able to carry out a thorough inspection.

There is perhaps nothing more essential than having a secure place to go home to each night. With these 4 steps, you can ensure that the protection of your house and more importantly, all your family members.


Advantages of Having Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are among the most vital aspects of every kitchen. Cabinetry outline the appeal and function of the kitchen. They are practical answers to the kitchen needs and may boost the value of the kitchen. In accordance to the various requirements and needs, different types of cabinetry are produced by the furnishing companies.

In order to install custom cabinets in your kitchen in order to remodel it, make sure you ask for the aid of a professional. Professionals possess the experience and expertise needed to design a kitchen and plan its layout. Browsing through books on remodeling too could be of great aid. Today custom kitchen cabinets are highly loved by people simply because can add excellent style and beauty to a kitchen.

Many want to make use of their own style in relation to designing their kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets also come in wood grains. Some cabinets are finished while some are unfinished. You could have the benefit of picking a color in accordance with your choice with unfinished cabinets. You are able to unleash your creative side with unfinished cabinets. Cabinets are a reflection of your taste. This means you may also try to combine the modern sleek designs of cabinets with that of a vintage look. Careful planning is necessary to get the desired results when you plan to combine two different styles in design.

Custom cabinets allow the home owners to convey their personality and choices. Rather than depending on the quintessential wood, you can experiment with glass to metals. You’ll be able to design them in accordance to your needs and storage necessities. When you have to store loads of kitchen appliances- do not worry; the custom kitchen cabinets could be built in such a way that they would accommodate just as much items as you want to. From roll out to tilt out drawer features- you can have them all in your customized cabinets.

Custom kitchen cabinets are comparatively pricey than stock cabinets. Construction of cabinets along with the material type and texture are of high quality making up about case 50 percent of the total cost. The cabinets which are quality built cost more than stock cabinets. Custom cabinets tend to be durable as opposed to stock ones and will last longer. The shapes of cabinets count on the layout of your kitchen and therefore can affect the total price of the furniture.

Custom kitchen cabinets gives your kitchen its very own unique look and genuinely convey your individuality. Custom kitchen cabinets are the best expense that you could make in your home.


How To Easily Extend Your Water Heater’s Life

A lot of people don’t understand that to keep their water heater working properly they have to perform basic water heater maintenance. Just like you need to do this with your own body by going to a doctor, or for your car regularly, it is really an critical tool to longevity. When water is pumped to your water heater’s tank, dirt and minerals settle on the bottom. This may instantly cause your heater to lose its usefulness and if fully neglected, lessen the years of use you could have. Getting a bucket and hose are tools that will assist you. Do not forget also gloves to protect your hands.


Flushing is an yearly chore relatively simple to do, and doesn’t take too much time while 40 or 50 gals water drains and refills the tank. Flushing removes calcium or any other mineral sediment build-up on the bottom of the tank which otherwise minimizes capacity and insulates the water from the bottom fired gas burner or in-tank electrical element, lowering heating efficiency.

Very carefully open the temperature/pressure relief valve at the top of the tank by lifting the lever. Keep the valve open. Open the drain valve at the bottom of the heater enabling the water to flow out through the garden hose. If the sediment is clogging the drain valve then try closing the temperature/pressure relief valve and turn the cold inlet valve back on to “power flush” the sediment out.

In some instances the sediment hardens in to huge chunks that may block the drain valve. If that’s the case, then wait until everything cools down, take away the garden hose from the drain valve, take off the valve if needed, and make use of a long screw driver to break up the clog. This is a very sloppy procedure.

For most people who don’t have the time, the inclination, or the tools to maintain their water heater, calling a plumber is an excellent method to keep the water heater well-maintained. Getting a plumber to do the work is a time-saving way of getting things done. Yet, there are several plumbers who aren’t properly licensed and you ought to avoid these.

Right now you’ve got peace of mind in the assurance you have done what you could to prolong the life of your water heater, and cut down on your electrical or gas utility bill.


Major Clutter Buster: A Clever Way to Conceal Lots of Ugly Stuff

With the sheer amount of work we do on an everyday basis, things can easily get cluttered. It’s nice to have things organized so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. And one of the ways to organize and be creative is to cover those piled boxes or stuffs.


While our dream homes are clutter-free sanctuaries that would make Marie Kondo proud, our real homes are where we store our mismatched bedding sets, bulk paper towels from Costco, and Backstreet Boys CDs from circa 1999. To keep all of this mess out of sight and give the illusion of an organized home, try one of our favorite DIY clutter concealers. Curtains, roller shades, no-sew table skirts—these are the easiest ways to keep the chaos under wraps.

Above: Just in case your bathroom storage isn’t as tidy as HGTV’s perfectly appointed shelves, hang a couple curtain panels to mask the mess.

To conceal her craft storage, Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse gave an old IKEA bookcase a swipe of white paint and covered it with a fabric curtain. The striped fabric lends a farmhouse feel, but you could also pick a graphic design for a more modern look.

To form this makeshift closet, a set of old IKEA cabinets are topped with wire tension rods and fitted with semi-sheer curtains. After an expensive bedroom makeover on Syrinveien, this cheap closet hack helped keep the budget under control. If you want even more uses for tension rods, check out our 15 (!) favorite ideas.

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