How To Mulch And Avoid Mistakes

Mulching is more important than you may think. By learning how to mulch, you’ll be helping yourself, your yard, and the plants within it. . The article below discusses the different mulch types and the benefits of applying mulch.

Why should we mulch and what is the right mulch and method of application?

The Good Mulch:

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  1. Stabilizes soils and prevents erosion.
  2. Helps soils retain moisture for plant use.
  3. Improves soil structure and quality over time, if properly applied.
  4. Looks great (sometimes).
  5. Improves biological activity and mixes organic materials into soils.
  6. Prevents weed growth. Keep in mind that the definition of a weed is “a plant out of place.” If we mulch to prevent weed growth, then what is it doing to the desirable plants?
  7. Can be an effective herbicide in place of chemicals, cutting, mowing etc.

Types of Good Mulch:

  1. Bark Mulch:It stays loose and does not bind. Bark mulch has a nice dark color and is a great background for plants and it does not fade over time. Bark mulch cultivates nicely into the soil and improves soil structure and drainage. It is usually innate and does not require nitrates to decompose. It is readily available and comes in easily handled 1 to 3 cubic foot bags in a variety of sizes from 4″ to 3/8″
  2. Soil Conditioner: This is usually the 3/8″ and smaller screenings left over from sorting bark mulch. It is great for top-dressing beds and used as a component in planting mixes.

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Juicing Benefits – Enjoy Juicing and Lose Weight Too

One of the biggest advantages of juicing is helping in weight loss. A lot of people turned out to be too fat by simply having processed foods and very little of something fresh. Using raw fresh organic ingredients in your juicing will help your body by feeding it with vitamins and minerals along with your diet plan by filling you up so that you do not overindulge on food.

Juicing is not just for the adults, it is also recommended to kids even at such a young age. With all the sodas, junk foods and fastfood meals, parents tend to forget to discipline their children on the right diet. As early possible, you could start to introduce the juicing benefits so when they become older, they’ll be more health-conscious and they can avoid eating junk alternatives.

Juiced fruits and vegetable enables people with not enough digestive power to acquire adequate vitamins and nutrients that could allow their standard of living to be looked after at a continuous degree giving you more energy and strength. Considering that the body may easily digest these vitamins and minerals from juices, you can actually observe the great benefits it provides to your skin, body shape and overall physical immunity.

With all the vitamins and minerals in fresh juices, your body is able to better fight the consequences of toxins, contaminants and pollutants in the surroundings. These nutrients furthermore lower the risks for chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, strokes and cardiovascular illnesses. This is opposite to the bottled juices and artificial juices we get from stores and other commercial businesses. These products normally have large quantity of preservative and the process it has undergone results in a lesser nutrients that we should get.

Juicing not only gives nourishment to our bodies, but it additionally trains our minds. We’ve got to determine what certain foods contain before we juice them. We must know why we are going to juice them. Juicing is more than a yummy drink; it’s a way of living. Since it can help you lessen weight and tone your body, you’ll be more confident and satisfied on the way you appear. More than the physical benefits, the psychological and emotional benefits can also be a consideration to practice this lifestyle. You get to control yourself and focus on one goal and that is to become fit and healthy. You cant ever lose in juicing.

Juicing is actually for everybody. You may go on a full juice diet or make it your supplementary diet. Regardless of your choice, when you have any questions concerning your health and juicing, it is best to talk to your doctor. Juicing may be used to assist your dietary needs but do not count solely on it as you likewise require other physical activities and various healthy practices to make sure you get the best out of your body.

How to Find a Good Walk in Bathtub

Every one of us wants a good and comfortable place to go home to from a very stress filled day. All the houses are designed in a way that will always make it helpful and comfortable for home owners. And among the rooms in the home that people often redecorate or remodel is the bathroom. Besides the bedroom, bathroom is the most frequented place for relaxation and meditation time especially when it is furnished with walk in bath tubs. Bath tubs are actually one of the main factors in an effective and delightful bathroom.

After you have decided on investing in a new walk in bathtub, you’ll be offered with countless selections. Bath tubs vary when it comes to styles, sizes, color, style and operations of bath tubs. Therefore, it is recommended that you go searching for one that’s right for you. You should know the basic principles and the critical sides that you must explore before you hand out your hard earned cash.


Product Source: There are plenty of sources from where you can get your walk in bath tub. You will find them in stores, door to door selling and online. While visiting the stores, you should check the product perfectly and then decide whether it suits your requirements or not. You may examine the caliber of the product and make decisions correctly. In case a salesman visits your door and tries to persuade you about a walk in tub, make certain that product is of excellent quality and there are no hidden charges connected with it. Be sure that the product is long lasting and you will get after sales services anytime needed. The final option is hunting for a good walk in bath tub is on the internet. There are many websites that you can check out by sitting in front of your PC at the comfort of your home. Right here you need to read and realize correctly the conditions and terms associated with the purchase.

Value: When considering to money, you should be aware that any kind of additional feature to your bath tubs will incur significant extra costs. If you need to go for something enhanced compared to standard one, anticipate to spare some funds as the price can also increase.

Materials: Materials of the walk in tubs have an impact on the way it seems like and also its particular weight. For enameled cast iron and soapstone require, floor needs strengthening to fully support the tub. For acrylic tubs, they can be more prone to scratches and stains while brass and copper tubs are limited in their shapes and forms.

Size: Space can certainly be the determining element when purchasing a walk-in tub. Walk-in bathtubs may take up to 3 foot cubic dimensions. These are generally considered the mini-walk-in bath tubs. They can have luxurious accessories like hydrotherapy and other options. You should measure your bathroom to help you calculate the size of your walk in tub.

Installation: Installing walk in baths is just like the regular bath tubs. An excellent plumber may replace your old bathtub into a walk in bath. Just be sure you employ someone who is reliable. You need to count on this person to install it to ensure that it will not leak and create a mess of your floor.

What You Need To Know About Strip Lights

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LED Strips are a hugely versatile lighting solution capable of meeting the difficulties presented by even the most complex lighting projects. They allow you to change your kitchen, wardrobe, or other unit providing a great, elegant look.

Tips When Buying LED Strip Lights

So that you can buy the right units you should consider some factors that include:

Where to place the pieces: If you are looking to illuminate a small, enclosed area, like the inside of a cabinet or underneath a shelf, we recommend utilizing a low brightness strip. In case you are adding accent lighting to the underside of a kitchen cabinet or behind some furniture, we suggest using an LED strip with a mid-range brightness.

Brightness: Brightness is measured in lumens and you ought to go for units that have enough brightness for your application. If looking for accent lighting, go for units with 150-250 lumens, for indirect lighting go with lights with 375-575 lumens and so on.

Type: There are numerous types of strip lights in the market that you could go for. There are self-adhesive, aluminum, non-encased, encased, rigid, and a host of several others. We are different thus interested in various things. You need to select the ones that make you happy the most.

Color: The color range of the LED has become endless, given that any color can be produced with RGB technique. You will find generally two or three shades of white available: bright or cold white – the bluish, really bright type of white, the warm white – that is rather yellowish like the sun, and the natural white – which is a combination of the 2 in several degrees.

Guide to Installing The Lights

After you have bought the lights, you need to set them up appropriately for you to reap the advantages they come with. The first thing you could do is get high-quality strip lights. This calls for you to choose the units from a reputable store. If you’ve got the skills, you should set up the units all on your own however if you have never tried it before hire a professional to assist you.

These lights are completely customizable and cutting them is extremely simple. They have small cutting points along their length which can be cut with a decent pair of scissors, so as not to damage the circuit board. Always make certain you cut the LED Strip at the end away from the transformer. After they are cut they are ready to go!


5 Effective Natural Ways to Remedy Athlete’s Foot for Good

Did you know that you can effectively treat athlete’s foot with an item you can pick up at your home or in a local grocery? If you are looking for some cure for athlete’s foot, worry not, because you can actually find simple ways to prevent this itchy disease.

It’s no secret that we’re all about natural remedies around here. Every mom should have a few tricks up her sleeve for remedying minor ailments at home without resorting to harmful chemicals. Here are five natural remedies for a pesky problem that has ailed many of us from time to time … athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot is the skin condition most often associated with stinky, sweaty feet and gym locker rooms. However, it doesn’t just affect athletes.

How Does Athlete’s Foot Occur?

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It may be surprising to learn that athlete’s foot isn’t just something that teenage boys catch. In fact, there is more to the root cause of athlete’s foot than infected showers or towels.

The body’s microbiome may actually have a lot to do with susceptibility to any infection, including athlete’s foot. Let’s first look at what really causes athlete’s foot.

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5 Trees And Shrubs For Autumnal Colour

As autumn arrives your planting design can have an equally spectacular display of foliage and berries. This is an easy to read article on how to put color into your autumn garden. It suggests different shrubs and trees.

As seen in the wonderful garden of Radcot House, there are many plants that reach their peak in autumn, erupting into a blaze of colour. But sometimes less is more, especially in a small garden where it might simply take a single specimen tree or shrub to give the wow factor. There are hundreds of ‘good’ trees and shrubs for autumnal interest, but perhaps just a handful of outstanding ones. The following five, recommended by tree specialists Bluebell Nursery, are spectacular.


Many of the Japanese maples turn brilliant hues in autumn, but ‘Osakazuki’ is one of the best. Eventually forming a small tree up to 5-6 metres tall, it has bright green leaves in spring that turn deep, vibrant crimson in autumn. It needs a sheltered spot in sun or dappled shade, and prefers an acidic soil. On neutral ground, adding sulphur chips around the base of the tree can help to acidify the soil (this also applies to Cercidiphyllum and Liquidambar).


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A spectacular tree that can eventually reach 15 metres, C. japonicum has rounded, almost heart-shape leaves that are flushed pink when young before turning bright green in summer. In autumn, it puts on a brilliant firework display in red, yellow, orange and purple, and as the leaves fall, they give off a scent of caramelised sugar. Best grown in a sheltered spot in sun or dappled shade, it prefers an acidic soil, which intensifies the colour.

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How to Create an Inspiring Flower Garden

If you intend on having your own garden but it just isn’t sure how to start it, follow this advice that could help you as you go along. Yes, it is true that a home regardless of how excellent the design and style is, when it lacks plants and flowers or a garden, it’s going to still seem flat. Therefore in to have it done your way, just keep into mind these two things; design and space.

A garden will only be as big as the area you have to work with. Even when you are working with a really small area, you can still be successful in your favor. One of the greatest strategies to address a small garden is to come up with a centerpiece and be able to work around it. A focal point is the center piece or the focus of your garden similar to fountain, a bird bath or possibly a tree. Also, don’t let yourself be enclosed at the idea that gardening is merely all about plants and bushes, there are more to that. One of the tricks to make the garden look more huge, make an effort to add mirrors on the design. This has been a technique for many years now for home spaces. So that is why its been used on gardens also. Wall mounted garden mirrors can make the illusion that there is a way right through to a different garden and therefore give the feeling of a bigger space. Garden mirrors with shutters will let you handle just how much or how little is seen at any time. These mirrors are suited to outdoor or indoor use and tend to be very easy to hang.

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Nowadays the way in which your garden appears is as essential as the way the house appears. It is very important to really consider design for the garden and what kind of mood you desire to have. You can decide to go the modern direction, with harsh lines and metallic characteristics in between the flower beds itself or go the old direction where plants and flowers are the major feature in the garden. It is also important to don’t forget that the design of your garden still should be practical. At the end of the day you will want the garden to meet the demands of yourself and your household. Added to that, you need to be able to maintain the garden effortlessly. If you want to know how to make an inspiring flower garden then you need to look at all of these areas into consideration.

The most crucial aspect of the garden would be the plants and flowers so picking and deciding on them has to be done properly. You can try studying for perfect annuals, perennials, bulbs and roses for your garden as they have various qualities which only suits for a particular the weather or season.

If you have a patio in the house, you can also begin to add some plants and flowers. Have you considered using artificial plants and flowers for this part of your house? You will be able to concentrate on your garden and still a wonderful looking patio that will need little to no maintenance

Making Your Home A Resort

Vacation is definitely love! It is one of the few things we always look forward for.

Whether your on sun bathing on the beach, climbing the mountains or just unwinding in a vacation resort, the feeling of it is incomparable. The wonderful view is something that uplifts more of the feeling. Since you like new activities and new views, why not incorporate that concept to your residence? If you desire that resort-like encounter, follow these tips to make your house as divine as what resorts offer.

1. Get the spa treatment. To be able to treat yourself in a spa, perhaps you should do it in your bathroom. Give some thought to brand new, modern lights, replacing the tub or maybe upgrading your sink and bathroom cabinets. Gone are the days of heavy looking closed-in sink cabinets. Right now, stand basins and open shelves is in. Or upgrade to a low flow toilet and water efficient shower to make a gorgeous change while you’re conserving water. A different spa-inspired concept would be to install a free standing tub. This specific look of style frames well with clean white walls and farm house style bead boarding. Then add simple art work having black casings and you will have that classic away-from-home look.

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2. These days, it makes no sense of having space at home that’s not utilized and savored on a regular basis. Do you have a seldom-used dining area? Think of enlarging your kitchen or remodeling the excess space into a family area with more storage.

3. To go on with your own personal getaway, why don’t you have a meditation place? However, if you lack enough space in the house, just transform one of those areas in your house that are hardly ever used. An illustration of this would be the guest rooms. Guests do come rarely so you can change this room should you want. You could set up Murphy beds to ensure that if guests show up, they could still make use of the room.

4. Make perfect outdoor space by having outdoor kitchen or kitchen patios. If it’s decorated and furnished correctly, it will add a new place to eat, entertain and chill out just like what you usually notice and experience when being at resort hotels or spas.

5. Lastly, the set up of furniture is crucial to a room’s feel. Furniture should be minimalist – no complicated throw pillows or designs needed – and incorporate a tranquil color that suits the walls. It’s supposed to be comfortable, thus homeowners should avoid accent furniture when possible.

These are simply few tips for converting the home into a personal resort. However, there are still various ways to do it. Keep in mind that you want a refreshing and quiet place like a resort so try to be minimalist in your style and improvements.


Guide on Roof Restorations

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A roof is one of the most essential parts in the build of your house as it is the basic external part that protects a house from climate conditions along with other external elements. Most property owners wait for a problem to appear before they decide to get it restored. The extreme climates and ever-changing environment constantly affects your roof. Consequently, it’s critical you have it restored regularly. In case there is even a slight damage, roof restoration is very important because it’s this small damage that could lead towards a big one.

Inspect and Maintain

The easiest method to protect the roof is to maintain it. Preventative measures prevent the need for major restoration or roof replacement. This should include checking and clearing your gutters to prevent water build up, inspecting roof fixtures to ensure there isn’t any damage as a potential source of leaks, and making sure roofing structures are up to snuff. Professional roof inspections are strongly suggested as only a qualified roofer may have the skills and experience to detect troubles before they begin.


When talking about regular roof cleaning it doesn’t mean that it should be done monthly but ought to be done at least once a year. Most homeowners do not feel comfortable to do this thus they engage a professional roof cleaner. Your roof normally collects grime, debris, algae, moss, and dirt that needs cleaned off. Debris normally include small tree branches, leaves, etc. and is among the easiest parts of roof cleaning. By doing so it’s going to increase the value of your property in the event you decide to do it. It will likewise extend the lifespan of your roof.


You have to hire experts to do the job and they’ll be able to choose what is best for the roof. They could suggest building a new roof or simply restoring the old one. This will depend on the condition of the roof. Whenever the restoration process is going on try to understand the different ways of restoring the roof. This will help you to choose the best for your property. It is also important that you take into account the weather pattern of you locality.

Remember that roofing restoration can be a major project, particularly with aging roofs. You need to try to schedule your roofing inspections in late summer or early fall to allow for sufficient time to make necessary repairs. In some instances, roofing work might take a number of sessions, and you do not want your property and belongings exposed to harsh winter weather when you can avoid it. Lastly, you should also make sure to adequately budget for major roofing repairs. Roofing restoration could be a very expensive undertaking, so it’s recommended that you put away a little money annually so you can afford more major repairs once the need arises.


How Safe Are Your Vitamins and Supplements?

There are so many supplements available nowadays, but how sure are you that your supplements  are safe and effective?  Distinguishing between the ones that really work and the ones that are full of hype can make the difference in using a safe supplement and a not so safe one.

South Africans must be very cautious when using vitamins and supplements. This is the advice of Dr Robert Delgado, a chiropractor and lifestyle coach. His advice comes on the back of a 2015 New York investigation into the contents of supplements.

Tests showed that the ingredients of some “herbal supplements” did not match the product labels and in some cases didn’t even contain any herbs at all. This led to serious legal consequences for some American retailers, who were accused of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements.

Supplements in South Africa


Dr Delgado says that many South Africans take vitamins and supplements daily in an effort to reach their recommended intake of important nutrients and vitamins.

There is also a rapidly growing market for over-the-counter weight loss medicines and supplements.

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