How To Remove Stains From Your Upholstered Sofa

A beautiful and expensive upholstered furniture can easily look old and dirty without proper cleaning and without proper maintenance. It’s easy to be taken in by appearances when buying upholstered sofas but it takes effort to maintain it.

From red wine to pen ink, stains are always a threat to our upholstery — but that’s no reason to live in fear! We’ve got the best practices for removing common stains because we all know they’re inevitable.

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Your sofa probably takes centre stage in your living room, so when it gets dirty, it’s pretty hard to ignore. Daily wear and tear is one thing, but if you’ve got a big, unsightly stain, you may panic and think there’s no way to get it out. But before you start shopping for a new sofa, try to get the stain out by addressing it right. We checked in with Melissa Maker, the best-selling author of Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster and Loving Your Home Every Day for her tips for getting common stains out of your sofa.

You know the saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, preventing a stain in the first place is better than any stain removal technique you can find. According to Melissa, the best way to protect your sofa is to have it professionally treated or Scotch Guarded.

But, no matter how careful and prepared you may be, stains happen, so it’s important to know how to treat them so you can act quickly to remove the mark. “It is always best to tend to a stain immediately,” advises Melissa. “The longer it sits, the more it becomes rooted into the fabric and set stains can be harder to clean.” A rule of thumb? Avoid using too much product and water to get that stain out. “Remember, you can’t totally rinse stained furniture, so less is more,” says Melissa. “You don’t want a nasty water ring left behind, so use as little as possible.” And don’t get carried away with rubbing at the stain. “By doing this, you grind the stain matter further into the fabric,” she says. “You always want to blot and treat the fabric delicately. Rubbing will only set the stain in further and make your job harder.”

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9 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Not eating enough protein  to lose weight?.It seems that many people are overlooking the importance of having enough protein in their diet. Having the right amount of protein is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and even a healthy weight.

Not all foods are created equal, and high-protein foods should definitely be on your list of go-to meal options. Eating protein will boost your energy, so you can feel awesome. Looking for the signs you’re not eating enough protein in the day can help you be more mindful to satisfy your fill and get in appropriate amounts for power and stability. If you think you’re not getting enough protein, try adding in more protein-packed foods and see if you notice any positive changes.

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As a certified health coach, I work with clients on maintaining a healthy diet that supports their lifestyle and adds tremendous health benefits. Adding in good staples, like protein, can help balance the mood and body so that you can function optimally and feel satisfied throughout the day. Feeling hungry sucks, and often not having enough protein and contribute to the hangry pangs. If you think you could use a bit more protein in your diet, add slowly and see if you find any improvement. Here are nine signs you’re not eating enough protein and should build a better meal moving forward. Not only will it add flavor and substance to your meals, but it’ll also help prevent those dreaded cravings in the day.

1. Edema

According to Will Smelko, co-founder of Ora Organic, over email with Bustle, “edema” or “unexplained water retention or swollen appearance,” can occur when the body is deficient in protein. If you notice any strange swelling, it could be worth checking your condition and protein levels.

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5 Areas of Your Body That Tell Your True Age

When bodies age several changes happen to them, changes in the physical looks included. And there are parts of our body that gets visible when our skin is aging. But you need not fear aging. There are  powerful solutions for a youthful skin.

Age gracefully, they say. While I tend to agree with this sentiment, I’m also a firm believer in prevention. A little time and money today can significantly suspend sagging knees and spotted hands. Start young and stay young, I say.

Here, five areas of your face and body that tell your true age — and the treatments and creams that can halt the aging process.

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1. Mouth – Do you drink your coffee out of an adult sippy cup? And your Vodka sodas out of a straw? Do you smoke (GASP!) cigarettes? Think about doing this action daily (or many times a day) — and what the pursing of your lips like such does to the sensitive area around your mouth… that’s right, it produces fine lines.
Prevention: Stop smoking… now. Try drinking coffee and other beverages from the rim, not a straw or a small opening in a cup. And, of course, there’s a cream to fix that too. First and foremost, you want to keep the area hydrated. Hydration is like cryptonite to fine lines and wrinkles. Try Peter Thomas Roth’s Un-wrinkle Lip Treatment packed with active antiaging peptides and neuropeptides to bring volume and hydration to the area. You can also use a drop of eye cream for the delicate area around your mouth but, be advised, unlike the area around your eyes, your mouth does have pores and it is possible to breakout if you are prone to pimples.

2. Hands – Hands often show your authentic age, even if your face looks years younger. Why? Because hands are almost always left vulnerable and unprotected to the sun – on a daily basis – and sun is the number one cause of aging, spots and lines.
Prevention: Wear sunscreen on the tops of your hands – everyday. And remember to hydrate as much as possible. Lotion morning, noon and night will help (carry it in your Proenza – even the PS11 Mini has room for a tube of lotion). In fact, try a multitasking product like Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 which will both moisturize and protect. I always rub the remainder of my daily facial sunscreen on the top of my hands – get in the habit and save face (or rather, hands).

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Best Disability Solutions for Bathing at Home

Probably the most tough, practical troubles for anybody who lives with a disability is the essential activity of taking a bath or shower. It is often also stressful for a caregiver, when he or she must give physical support to a disabled person, especially if the caregiver is not physically capable to lift or carry a handicapped patient. Safety is the main concern when it comes to providing a useful disability bathroom at home. Though convenience is essential, safety is highest because without safety, a disabled person can incur serious injuries regardless of how accessible the bathroom actually is.

Though there are a lot of options that are available for use in this room, you need to boil down to the concern of the person needing it. You have to assess the range of handicapped accommodations that you want to address. Although there are a variety to choose from, below are just 3 of the most common and important aids that you might want to consider.

1. Safety rails – Installing safety railing around various parts of the bathroom is important in giving the important safety elements. Common areas that need rails are the tub, shower, toilet, vanity and open wall spaces. This will allow a disabled person to simply grab onto a rail anytime she or he needs it to provide stability. You can either put in portable or permanent rails, with regards to the certain needs. Oftentimes, it’s a good idea to set up some permanent rails, and also give a couple of portable bars that could be removed and utilized on trips. They are affordable and very convenient accessory you could easily add to your bathroom.

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2. Shower seat – A shower seat is definitely an recommended option along with a walk in shower when there is a problem with mobility. Some easy access showers can come fitted together with a shower seat, but there are a wide range of shower seats available if yours does not, or you need a little support in your present, standard shower. These vary from corner shower seats to height adjustable seats and even swiveling shower seats, as well as a whole range more.

3. Nonslip floor – Providing a nonslip bathroom floor is essential and many common bathrooms may be dangerous even going to those people who are not disabled. When creating a bathroom for a disabled person, be sure to address this issue. One of the simplest ways to ensure that a floor is nonslip, is to coat the present floor with a nonslip rubber coating product that is easy to paint on the floor. This may provide a slightly tacky feel to the floor. It’s clear and is easily applied to many diverse floor coverings.

If you’re in the process of remodeling for disability purposes or you are going to build a new bathroom, be sure you mount the required handicap safety aids that could provide you with peace of mind for a risk-free home environment.


Murphy Wall Beds – Today’s Great Space Saver

Have you ever wished that you had a couple extra rooms in your house or apartment? Many people do, and lots of them have figured out a way to achieve it without moving. Wall beds are growing rapidly in recognition, offering some of the best space-saving opportunities around.

When Space Is At A Premium 

Using Murphy wall beds makes sense; people in most cases have a tendency to use their beds after the sun goes down. In many homes traditional beds during the day are rarely used and just take up valuable floor space. Imagine being able to wake up and folding up your unused bed to the wall. The room gains a much roomier appearance, enabling you to feel less confined. Well without a doubt, the top reason to use a wall bed is to save space. Since these kinds of beds can fold up vertically, these beds can free up a lot of floor which could then be utilized for other things. Whether you’ve got a small loft or just like open spaces, they are excellent additions to any house.

Enhance The Space In Each And Every Room In Your House

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Space saving techniques already are all the rage in several kitchens, so it makes sense that wall beds are becoming more highly sought. With customizable cabinets typically attached, there’s certain to be a Murphy wall bed configuration available that would perfectly fit almost any home. With shelves and cabinets integrated to the overall design, these beds can blend seamlessly in with any decor imaginable. To create more liveable space in a bedroom it may be as simple as using one of these beds. Space improvement just does not get any better than that!

So Many Great Configurations To Choose From

Beds can use mechanisms that fold the bed out length-wise or width-wise. A bed that folds out width-wise if a bigger space saver, however the drawbacks are that the guests might end up in an awkward position or in the case of 2 guests, one of them will probably be trapped against a wall. Beds can be incorporated within a wall cabinet, a closet, a hutch/chest, or even a desk. They may be accompanied by shelving, drawers and lighting. A few options include a slide out night stand, and lower drawer storage.

Even though many individuals spend large amounts of time making their kitchens as space efficient as possible, a surprising number of them do little or nothing at all about creating more room in their bedroom. It really is true that you can really maximize the amount of space in your entire home by using Murphy wall in the sleeping quarters of your house or apartment.


Bathroom Surfaces That Make You Famous With Your Pals

Interior decorations were always limited to living rooms along with other visible interiors that usually wedding guest visit normally. Changing times required revamping the bathroom too, where one gets distressed and relax after a heavy work schedule. Bathroom Surfaces are what reflect the wealth and sophistication of the property owner. Usually people overlook bathroom floors and interiors and invest their attention and cash on other rooms of their home. There are several alternatives to refurbish a dull and least needed corner of your house in to a place buzzing with freshness and peace.


When it comes to bathroom surfaces, there are many of options to choose from. Materials that could stand up to exposure to moisture or humidity, cold and hot conditions and therefore are friendly to utilize and maintain are fantastic for washroom surfaces. While ceramic tiles for walls are tried and trusted, we definitely don’t require limiting ourselves here. A little imaginative, careful planning can make some exciting options work.

When you choose the flooring and wall colors, the interior decorator is all set to redo the interiors of your bathroom. You can include a splash of color to help make your bathroom surface search more remarkable, with customized bathroom basins. These types of bathroom basins are custom made to fit your personal taste. The range varies from amethyst gemstone to quartz and mother of pearl in numerous colors, composed of a cast collection to select from. These various colored basins and bathroom slabs create an aura of aquatic life around you.

As popularity with carpeted bathrooms has declined dramatically, the options for smooth surface flooring as increased. Tiles are available in solid colors or with patterns that can match your walls and taste. Flowers, stripes, and checker print tiling are normal among bathrooms with predetermined themes.

Apart from that one can play with the colors round the walls, curtains along with other furniture and accessories necessary for a bath place. Yet floorings are meant for a long term use, thus be careful while choosing the elements and make sure they are from reliable manufacturers. The color combination and sturdiness ought to suit your needs just the way you’d like them to be.

In the event that picking out the flooring material is just not to your liking, then ask a pal for help or listen to your interior design. If the theme and color scheme he/she has in mind suits you and within your means then go for it. Embellish your dream bathroom and allow your guest do the talking on the next party you arrange for them in a special event. Get famous with your friends using your refreshing zone as the excuse.


Green Roofs

 Having a green roof not only promises cleaner air and greener environment, but can also relieve personal stress. With global warming and pollution being ever-present topics on the news, it is important for everyone to contribute to making the world a cleaner place. Find out why it is such a great choice to make your next new roof a green roof!

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It is difficult to pinpoint when the living roof jumped from eco-fantasy to eco-solution — there have been startling and innovative green roofs all across the country and in Europe seemingly forever. But in my mind, technology and design caught up with the dream in 2008 when a sweeping marvel of native plants, wildflowers, and engineering was built atop San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences. Since then, there’s been an inspiring generation of eco-savvy, design-forward residential green roofs — from cactus garden to rain forest, topping everything from chicken coops to full-blown homes.

Green roofs have become natural fits for many public buildings as well, thanks to large-scale environmental and financial benefits such as energy efficiency, storm-water management, sound insulation, and the development of habitats for birds and other urban creatures. Most of these projects, like the Academy’s, are standard “extensive” green roofs as now defined: vegetation growing in a shallow (3- to 6-inch) layer of lightweight soil medium, contained in a special assembly system over a waterproof membrane. A smaller residential roof may accomplish some of the same environmental goals, but full financial payback is unlikely at least in the near future; these projects are more about doing good for the environment, beauty, and horticultural interest. Yet with lowered financial expectations comes more design freedom, and a growing number of residential green roofs display plant surprises, innovation, and a delightful sense of experimentation and fun.

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Advantages of Chest Freezers

The ongoing battle between upright freezers and chest freezers is an old one. This debatable subject has stood the test of time and many individuals have argued their side of the coin. At the end of the day whether you require an upright freezer or a chest freezer or even both, is determined by the functions. In the event you regularly buy in bulk and is frequently out of space for your frozen goods, you should think about buying chest freezers. This reliable home appliance provides all your needs with regards to freezing food. Apart from having plenty of room to store your food, they keep foods fresh longer since the freezer offers better cooling temperature compared to a regular refrigerator can.


Chest freezers use up minimal space and provide another table top surface that could be utilized in any home or restaurant. These freezers are lower in comparison to the upright freezer. They can be stored alongside a table top surface to extend the utilization space. Chest freezers are more popular to freeze items that are not necessary for instant use. They are great for storing bulk meat products and items which you don’t need during the course of the busy day. You can consider chest freezers as your medium to long term freezing buddy. They’re much a lot more energy efficient, for this reason it is a lot of individuals choose them.

Freezers can often be available at a more economical price than other types of freezers because they are more compact. A variety of compartments inside them make them ideal for storing various kinds of foods. In the summer, they are ideal for children who desire regular access to frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles. They are also available in a variety of styles that are frost free, making them very low maintenance over their years of service.

The needs of a residence play a great role in which advantages mean probably the most with regards to a chest freezer. For homes where copious amounts of food are consumed regularly, having a chest freezer is practical. And with great manufacturers like Beko, Electrolux, Whirlpool and Zanussi provide among the best choices in energy efficient, low cost freezers that happen to be a smart investment in having extra storage space for frozen foods of all kinds. Available in a variety of colours, chest freezers can help save food costs over the long run.


A Watery Palette And Cheery Prints Give A Toronto Home A Beachy Look

This year interior design trends include some exciting and new twists. If you want to achieve the beach look choose a color that should evoke a feeling of rest, relaxation and freedom, of openness and pure nature.


A Toronto residence goes from frumpy to finessed with a zingy mix of cool colours, attention-grabbing wallpaper and charmingly mismatched furniture.

The first time Jacquelyn Clark saw her clients’ semi, it looked like it was past its sell-by date. “The house was built in 2006, but it felt dark and old,” says the designer and blogger behind Lark & Linen. “It was lacklustre,” she says, “and it didn’t match the personalities of its owners, a vibrant couple with two young kids.” The space required some serious resuscitating – but it exhibited promising vital signs. “There were lovely elements like curved archways, crown moulding and stunning barnboard floors,” says Jacquelyn. “My job was to play these up and breathe some new life into this home.”

So she sat down with the owners, who had fallen for her blog, to assess how to get the 1,700-square-foot Toronto home’s pulse rate up. Yes, its murky yellow walls had to go, but other than that, the homeowners had very few requests. “One of the words they kept going back to was ‘fresh’, so I ran with it,” says Jacquelyn. “And beyond that, they essentially gave me carte blanche to do as I saw fit.”

So Jacquelyn began a reboot with minimal, mostly kitchen-centric renovations. A breakfast bar that was never used (other than as a place where junk mail went to die) was removed and, with it, two sinks that had been installed in an awkward L-shape in a corner. “I replaced those with one enamelled cast iron beauty,” says Jacquelyn. The Oriental White marble-tiled backsplash and Caesarstone countertops completed the major installations, and then Jacquelyn focused on the fun: furnishings and paint colours.

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Decorating in French Country Style Decor

French country style home decoration is not difficult to achieve. However, there are many circumstances to know that will help you achieve the best look. Below are a few suggestions and tips to help get you started.

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When it comes to what colors to use for your French country decorating, you should stick with colors that are earthy. Mustard yellow, muted blues and greens or even pink (salmon pink) are great choices. Unless of course you’re working with a specific French country motif, like roosters, sunflowers, or lavender. Fabrics which are utilized in French Country design often have a duplicating pattern. Countryside scenes, flowers, birds and nature scenes are utilized.


French country style is basically rustic and could be attained making use of wrought iron, rough wood, and plaster finishes. Make use of baskets, wire or woven, to get a rustic feel. Keep natural materials in your mind while you are redecorating. Natural stone, wool, cotton, wood. And, back to toile. It truly defines French country


The furniture often present in this well-known decor in your home style is natural looking with a rural quality. Dark woods with a matte finish are well-liked, as are pieces which were painted white. Furnishings do not have to look perfect, and actually a few natural nicks or slight wear lends towards the appeal. You will often realize that wrought iron and antiqued metals blend seamlessly and increase the charm.


Soft pastels are great for the walls, and you may even embellish them with stenciled French country motifs like sunflowers, fruits or roosters. Any wall hangings need to continue the rural appeal, and photographs framed in antiqued wood or wrought iron make a great focal point. Chipped pitchers also are an ideal accessory for your French country decor. Make use of an old ceramic pitcher which is cracked or chipped to hold herbs, sunflowers or other natural greenery from the back yard. The idea would be to give your home a rural, comfortable effect.


Adding a few beautiful area rugs to your home may bring in another touch. Search for ornate rugs with winding grapevines in warm colors. You could also go with a rug with a classic blue shade and tiny gold yellow accents. Floral rugs are a great selection for this design style too. Floral rugs can be found in every size, shape, and color imaginable. Get creative and pick the perfect rug to include a touch of softness to your space.

If you want your property to have French country style home deco, think ” old world ” warmth and charm. Earth colors and iron are ideal for this look. Distressed wooden beams and stone or brick flooring, should also be considered. Rustic is another way to describe this look.