8 Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

Numerous of us will put up the ornaments, lights, and decorations that we utilized the year before only to discover that we did it the wrong way. So this article will introduce you some ideas on how to store them properly.

1. Archival Ornament Storage Boxes

Protect precious or antique ornaments in these archival boxes. The dividers are acid-free and the box blocks ultraviolet rays to keep ornaments from fading. Choose from four different sizes that can hold up to 28 ornaments.

(C) Better Homes and Gardens

2. Christmas Light Keeper Storage Bag

Keep up to 200 feet of Christmas lights in this clever carrying case. The twinkling strings wind (and unwind) easily around the two spools nestled inside.

3. Wreath Storage Bag

This 30-inch vinyl storage bag makes it easy to see which wreath you’re pulling down from the shelf, while protecting it from dust and dirt. You can also coil garlands inside.

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