Spice Up Your Home With Colorful Moroccan Decoration

For anyone who is planning to have a house that’s a charming blend of the exotic with elegance then the Moroccan style decor might be a wise decision for you. The Moroccan style of decorating has become extremely popular in the west due to its dramatic flare that can provide a very special appearance to your home.

Think exotic as in Marrakesh, Tangier and of course Casablanca then include a sprinkling of romantic interludes to the look. The exotic flair of these locations is not only extremely sensual but definitely mysterious.

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Whenever decorating your property Moroccan style, ensure that you make use of vibrant natural colors. The colors like green and blue, found in the sea of the area, and the ones just like gold and yellow, found in the surrounding desert, ought to be used as much as possible. You could combine other colors like vibrant red, orange or purple with blue or gold to make an effervescent ambiance.

Moroccan fabrics with complicated embroidery make wonderful tablecloths, curtains, or tapestries for almost any home. The brilliant colors and rich fabrics could make any space immediately chic and cutting-edge. Fill your furniture with many different cushions and drape your doors and windows with a lot of luxurious fabrics.

Moroccan lighting fixtures are unique from any other country on the globe. Handcrafted in the crowded Medina of Marrakech, Fes, and also the magical city of Casablanca, Moroccan lighting fixtures also know as Moorish lighting are the pride of the artisans in which skillfully carve them from quality solid Moroccan brass while encompassed by snake charmers and the smell of market spices.

Colorful mosaic tables not just offer a Moroccan ambiance to your place, but also help to brighten up a dull room. Make use of handmade Moroccan tiles will go a long way in creating a Moroccan decor. Make use of Moroccan tent as a Moroccan lounge escape in your own backyard. Make use of Moroccan wood lattice screens also called Jali Screens in your windows doors, kitchen and bath cabinet doors, or even as a room divider wall. Last but not the least, you can buy silk bedcovers or cushion covers, in jewel tones, to create that perfect Moroccan look.

Whatever specific furniture or veils you may use, keep in mind that a Moroccan styled décor at all times uses the highest quality textures as well as the richest styling available. You room needs to evoke total relaxation, as that is partly exactly what helps it be as romantic as Morocco is. Fountains that trickle in the background is going to cement the romantic look you are trying to attain.

Lest you forget, be certain and have the soft strains of the seductive Andalusian classic music that is Morocco playing in the background. The music should have a lot of lutes and drums, which are both sensual and evocative of a beating heart, therefore it is the perfect accompaniment to the romantic Moroccan style you’ve attained.