Reduce Your Stress Level for Better Weight Loss Results

“A demanding boss, family issues, academic pressure, illness, financial woes, relationship problems. all of these can boost your everyday stress levels. People react to stress in different ways, but many undergo a shift in eating patterns. Nevertheless, getting regular good sleep, eliminating unnecessary stress responses, faithfully practicing your recovery strategies, addressing your underlying factors, passively accepting your sensations and symptoms, containing worry, and remaining patient will bring result in time.”

Discover stress reduction techniques that support weight loss efforts

Stress is a factor of modern day life. There’s just no getting around that. But how does it relate to weight loss in particular?

First, food is a source of comfort and a momentary means of reducing stress for many people. For example, say you find out you have to give a big presentation in the morning that you’re not prepared for, so you go to the fridge to grab some double chocolate mocha ice cream.

Another reason is how your body chemically reacts to stress…


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