Termite Damage To Drywall And How To Repair It

“Actual live termites are rarely seen, because they are deep in the wood and it would have to be torn apart to expose them.  Because termites are fickle in their eating habits and don’t follow any predictable route as they munch through the wood inside the walls of a home, it is impossible to predict how much damage will be uncovered. “

Termite infested drywall

This article covers basic drywall repair that could be caused by virtually anything including termite damage to drywall, water damage to drywall or just patching big holes in drywall. The photos on this page were taken from work I did in May of 2010 after exterminators got rid of a pesky termite home invasion. You can follow what I did for any drywall repair, but in this article I’m covering drywall repair as it relates to termites. I’ll cover determining the extent of the damage and I’ve included several pictures of the process involved…


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